CAT Scientific | Revolutionizing Botanical Post-Processing Equipment

The foundation of success rests in the quality of your products. The latest developments within botanical processing applications has stimulated the evolution of botanicals consumables. CAT Scientific has established itself as a leader in botanical post-processing equipment. Through a combination of deep-level research and cutting-edge technology, our solutions are used to create superior products, such as:

  • Tinctures
  • E-Juices
  • Concentrates
  • Topical Creams/Oils
  • Beverages
  • Emulsifying Terpenes and Distillate

Botanical consumers are unique, but the need for consistency, quality and purity is universal. CAT Scientific supplies laboratory grade post-processing equipment to ensure satisfaction, uniformity and superiority among a crowded marketplace.


Our Solution to Botanical Processing | Consistency, Adaptability, Diversity

CAT Scientific manufactures equipment to support the longevity of businesses by offering real-world solutions to ever-present problems. Our dedication to the progress of the botanical industry is demonstrated by equipment versatility.

Homogenizer Drives

Our advanced rotor-stator generator assemblies offer the flexibility to easily dissolve, blend, emulsify and mix various ingredients. The key to evenly distributing cannabinoids or terpenes throughout a solution is based upon using the correct technology, a Kitchen Aid mixer is not it! CAT’s advanced homogenizer drives and generator shafts elevate the quality and superiority of your products.

Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers

The delicate task of post-processing cannabis oils demands accuracy and functionality. CAT’s line of Programmable Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers provide precise liquid temperature control, which is paramount for undertakings like, decarboxylating oils, purging residual ethanol after winterization, processing short path cannabinoid distillates, among other applications.

Laboratory-Grade Equipment

CAT Scientific is dedicated to providing a variety of laboratory-grade equipment to meet the varying needs of this industry. Visit our “All Products” page to delve deeper into our offerings. Explore our extended list of unpublished equipment by “Contacting Us” and let’s uncover a solution to your processing tasks.

An Evolution in Botanical Processing | Modern Equipment for a Modern Industry

We are witnessing the birth of a new industry. The legalization of medical and recreational botanicals has triggered an unprecedented need. Within a matter of years, a once dormant market has bloomed beyond the expectations of many.

To solidify your position within the industry, facilities must be equipped with machinery capable of consistently delivering uniform products.

We understand the problems faced by many manufacturers. It’s with this understanding we’ve created a line of advanced post-processing equipment designed to:

  • Eliminate Costly Processing Glitches
  • Adapt  to Current Trends
  • Streamline Production and Manufacturing
  • Deliver Consistent Results

Regardless of your business scope or post-processing needs, we offer laboratory-grade equipment specially designed to solidify the value of your brand.

Linking Businesses to Solutions | Connect With Us for the Latest Botanical News

CAT Scientific is dedicated to your success, and ultimately, the success of the botanical industry. We are eager to assist you in any way possible.

Navigate to our Knowledge Library to uncover the latest research into the therapeutic benefits of botanicals as well as to learn more about the capabilities and functionality of our equipment.

For any questions regarding our equipment, “Ask Us a Question” and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.


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