Liquid Handling

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CAT Scientific Liquid Handling Units

* 3 Bottle Top Burette Models to Choose From          * A Variety of Volume Dispensing         * Motorized Dispensing
* High Accuracy         * Rinse Port Burette Available         * Liquid-Crystal Displays
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Motor Driven Contiburette

µ1 µ10 µ20 Volumes


Motor Driven Contiburette with Rinse Port

µ10 µ20 Volumes | Rinse Port


Manual Contiburette

µ10 µ20 Volumes

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CAT Scientific offers three categories of bottle top burettes.  The Contiburette comes in a motorized (motor-driven) digital, a motorized digital with rinse port, and a manual digital model.  Each of these are available for operating in a range of volumes, measuring in microlitres.  For your laboratory operations, there is a range of accessories available for use with the digital bottle top burettes.