Homogenizer Drive Accessories

Optional Homogenizer Drive Accessories

There are multiple attachments and accessories for your Homogenizer Drive units and rotor-stator dispersing tools.
CAT offers a range of accessories as well as other devices for your laboratory requirements. If you do not see what you need in these listings, then please call us or send us your inquiry and we will respond as soon as possible with its availability.

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Our small but efficient DK-30 flow through chamber is just  the ticket when you need to turn your CAT homogenizer drive motor into an in-line processing tool.  Used with the G20 or G30 sealed shafts on the mounted homogenizer drive motor this stainless steel chamber with attached tubes draws sample in from the bottom, passes it through the rotor-stator generator assembly and expels it to the side.  Its advantage over a standard rotor-stator generator is that you can extend dwell time in order to more thoroughly homogenize your samples – simply by restricting the outlet tube.You can draw and return samples from the same container or draw from container A and discharge to container B for in-line processing.

Volumes: G20 Shaft = 2,000 liters an hour | G30 Shaft = 3,000 liters an hour.

Use only with sealed shafts; G20 or G30, Cat. No. 60428-00

AX 60

Conquer particle size reduction challenges on a laboratory scale. Check out our AX 60 analytical mill if you have to reduce sample particle sizes for additional analysis.  Faster and more thorough than a mortar and pestle the AX 60 grinding chamber accessory is attached to the CAT X1000 or X1000D drive motor and handles sample volume to 180 cc in a firmly coupled, dust-tight upper and lower chamber.  The grinding chamber unit can be water- or liquid nitrogen-cooled to inhibit heat buildup.

The AX 60 stainless steel analytical mill is attached to the drive motor in much the same way as a standard rotor-stator homogenizer assembly.  The upper chamber holds stainless or silicon carbide blades rotated by the drive motor at speeds from 4,000 to 33,000 rpm.

Cat. No. 60409


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