Motorized Digital Burette with Rinse Port

Motorized Digital Bottle-Top Burette with Rinse Port

μ10-20 DR Contiburette
μ10 or μ20 Volumes (microlitres) Available

Motor-driven Dispensing with Rinse Port
Temp: 15 to 40° C
LCD Display
Price: See Tab Below


The CAT Scientific motorized digital Contiburette delivers the confidence of compliance with the ASTM Class A standard for burettes with the added convenience of a built-in rinse port. Powered by an independent pump the mechanism circulates the cleaning solution or alcohol from a small mounted glass container through the burette pump to remove contamination.   This is a real time saver and contributor to accurate metering and dispensing.

This motorized bottletop burette is ideal for dosing applications on an assembly line basis as well as other precision metering and dispensing activities in the lab or production facility.  Operations can be programmed for consistency and results can be transferred to a computer or printer for record keeping.

In short, the digital motorized bottle-top burette with rinse port is the answer when you are seeking maximum efficiency and accuracy in your metering operations.  Common to all CAT bottletop burettes this model features a drying tube connection, a valveless dosing system and can be calibrated to your requirements.

  • High accuracy
      Precise titration within the error limits of Class A for glass burettes
  • Compact design
      Low weight and stable
  • Easy Handling
      Continuous operation. No filling necessary

– Freely rotating on the bottle
– New electronics with Titrate mode and Dosing mode
– Individual calibration to user specified adaptations
– Permanently stored data of factory calibration
– Valveless dosing system
– Drying tube connection
– Light weight and compact

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Item Code Description Price
B62733 µ 10DR Motorized Digital Burette w/rinse $1,572.00
B62735 µ 20DR Motorized Digital Burette w/ rinse $1,663.80

[wptabtitle]Technical Data[/wptabtitle]

μ10 DR μ20 DR
Subdivision 10 μl 20 μl
Flowrate 0,2 – 20 ml/min 0,3 – 30 ml/min
Actuation Motor Motor
Calibration function yes yes
Interface RS 485 yes yes
Integrated Rinsing system yes yes
Temperature range 10° – 40° C 10° – 40° C
Power supply 9 V DC 9 V DC
H x W x D (mm)
175x120x60 175x120x60
Order No 62733-00 62735-00



The following accessories are available for the:

Item Code Description Price
B-A60731 Motorized Burette Power Supply- 9V $ 65.95
B-A60727 PC Cable Motorized Burette $145.00
L-CERT Calibration Certificate (new unit) $ 25.00
EC60702 FEP Ejection Cannula, (calibrated Lip) $ 10.95
ET60701 FEP Ejection Tube, OD 3mm 1m long $ 10.95
L-ST60700 Suction Tube PTFE, 300mm long $  6.95
TTL60719 TTL Connector $ 28.95
L-A60703 A32-25 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $  8.95
L-A60704 A32-28 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $  8.95
L-A60705 A32-38 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $  8.95
L-A60706 A32-40 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $  8.95
L-A60707 A32-45 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $  8.95


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