KM16.7D Hotplate Stirrer for Round Bottom Flasks

Volume: 1000ml / 2000ml
Temp: 450° C
Price: $992.00
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Here’s the magnetic stirrer you’re looking for if you process high sample volumes in round bottomed or three-necked flasks.  The CAT KM16.7D hotplate stirrer is designed for processing 1,000 to 2,000 ml at precisely controlled temperatures to 450˚C.  Heat is transferred through a specially designed block to provide even distribution over the flask surface.  Both are positioned in a stainless steel container designed to catch and hold samples in case the flask breaks.

Stirring speeds from 60 to 1600 RPM along with all other operational parameters are set and monitored on an easy to read and intuitive control panel.  Features include an LED-equipped plate on/off button, a “View RPM” button, and a motor speed control.  Operational settings are established by push-button control to select plate temperature, probe temperature, safety temperature and timer. These are set by turning an encoder wheel to raise or lower values then pressing it to set them.  Once set and the unit is operating you can monitor these values on the 7-segment LED display by touching the respective buttons.

Status LEDs indicate when the hotplate is on; the heater is on, when the hotplate temperature exceeds 60˚C and when the timer is activated.

How simple is that?

As with most CAT magnetic stirrers the High Capacity KM16.7D is equipped to be controlled by a Pt100 temperature probe.  This enhances the safety features already built into the system itself.

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Type KM16.7D Specifications
Mains 110/230 Volt; 50/60 Hz (See rear panel)
Display 4 digit 7Segment-LED display
Motor - split-pole, 25 Watts
- 60 - 1100 min-1
- Softstart, microprocessor controlled
- Temperature control
- microprocessor controlled (PID Control)
- Pt100 probe adjustable in 1°C Steps
- Hotplate adjustable in 1°C steps up to 450°C
- Programmable probe temperature (Pt100)
- Programmable hot plate temperature
- Programmable safety temperature
Safety System Detects and protects against the following hazardous situations:
- Hotplate failure (hotplate exceeds max. allowed temperature)
- Probe failure (disconnection or break of Pt100 probe)
- Detection of out-of-liquid condition, e.g. stirring vessel breaks
- Differential safety cut-out (external probe senses an extreme drop in temperature of liquid being stirred/heated)
- Triac failure
Switch-off Time Delay (Timer) Programmable switch-off time delay
Min. delay: 1 minute
Max. delay : 999 minutes
Temperature Sensors Hotplate: Thermocouple
External: Platinum Resistance Sensor (Pt100)
Setpoint resolution hot plate 1°C / 1K (1°F in Fahrenheit Mode)
Setpoint resolution Pt100 Probe 1°C / 1K (1°F in Fahrenheit Mode)
Motor Speed Resolution 10 min-1
Hot Plate Material Aluminum
Hot Plate Dimensions Ø 120 mm round - km16.4d
Heating Power 500 Watts



The following accessories are available for the KM16.7D:

  • Pt100 Temperature Probe (CAT No: 60278) $147.00
  • Probe Stand (CAT No: 20669) $37.00
  • Probe Clamp for Pt100 (CAT No: 8B005624) $37.00
  • Crossover Stirrer Clamp (CAT No: 60492) $47.00
  • Stirring Bar Extractor: 150mm / 10mm dia. (CAT No: SBE8B037202) $27.00
  • Stirring Bar Extractor: 200mm / 10mm dia. (CAT No: SBE8B037204) $27.00
  • Stirring Bar Extractor: 250mm / 10mm dia. (CAT No: SBE8B037206) $27.00
  • Magnetic Stirring Bar Set - 12 pc. (CAT No: SB8B00000) $107.00