MCS67 Programmable Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

MCS67 Programmable Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

Volume: 10l
Hotplate: CERAN
Price: $1,017.00


Designed as a multi-tasking hotplate stirrer, the MCS67 has a four step timer system which allows for generation of user-defined temperature and stirring profiles. For each timer step the following parameters can be set: hotplate and sensor temperature, motor speed and temperature-slope. Fuzzy-logic control optimally sets the PID algorithms to reach the programmed temperatures as fast as possible but with minimal overshoot.

Features Include:

    • Easy to read, back-lite alpha-numerical LCD
    • Rotating, acid-proof membrane keypad / LCD
    • 4-step programmable multifunction timer
    • Temperature and motor control via fuzzy-logic
    • Programmable safety temperature
    • Self-optimizing algorithms grant for highly accurate temperature stability
    • CERAN hotplate, 135mm diameter
    • Selectable hotplate/probe temperature limit
    • Safety back-up circuit
    • Selectable shut off function (Timer)
    • RS232 interface for remote PC operation
    • Maximum temperature 440° C

CAT labControl for Windows:

CAT LabControl for Windows enables full control of parameters such as temperature, motor speed and switch-off time. This powerful package can be used with all CAT units with RS232 interface.

With modern microprocessor technology and programmable magnetic stirrers found their way into today’s labs. The RS232 interface provides for networking with other lab equipment and a computer.

The MCS67 has a rotating easily viewable solvent-proof membrane key pad to access the software which controls all functions.

The fuzzy-logic control of the liquid and hotplate temperature makes sure for fastest heat up time without overshoot and temperature stability.

A four-step timer system allows for generation of user-defined temperature and stirring profiles. For each timer step the following parameter can be defined: hotplate and sensor temperature and sensor temperature (liquid), motor speed, temperature-slope.

The case is made of acid resistant coated aluminum and is protected from risks such as overheating of the hotplate or the medium to be stirred. The unit shuts down if a short circuit or failure of the external pt100 probe is sensed, but also if the temperature probe gets out of liquid.

Additionally, there are extensive “watchdog”-parallel back-up circuits to prevent from failures of the microprocessor or heating.  The motor speed is optoelectronically measured and precisely readjusted , of course with soft-start for smooth acceleration of the stirring bar.

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Type MCS67 Specifications
Electrical Power Requirements 110/230 Volts; 50/60 Hz (see MCS67 rear panel)
Display Bright, backlit LCD display, showing all relevant system data
Hotplate MCS67: Ceran Hotplate
Heating Power MCS67: 600 watts
Motor Specification • Microprocessor controlled
• Soft start logic
• Steplessly adjustable, 50 – 1600 rpm
• Split-pole, 40 watts
Temperature Control • Microprocessor controlled – fuzzy logic
• Adjustable hotplate temperature
• Programmable hotplate temperature
• Programmable Pt100 probe temperature
• Programmable safety temperature
• Programmable temperature ramp rate 1°C/hour to 450°C/hour
Multistep Safety System Detects and protects against the following hazardous situations:
• Self test of all safety functions after switching on
• Hotplate failure (hotplate exceeds max. allowed temperature)
• Probe failure (disconnection or break of Pt100 probe)
• Detection of out-of-liquid condition, e.g. stirring vessel breaks
• Differential safety cut-out (external probe senses an extreme fall in temperature of liquid being stirred)
• Triac failure
Switch-off Time Delay Programmable switch-off time delay of stirring function, should the hotplate shut down, to allow the liquid to cool down more quickly.
Measuring Sensor For Medium Platinum resistance temperature probe
Auxiliary Functions • Two point calibration for external Pt100 probes
• User programmable maximum hotplate temp. (20-440°C) / MCS67
Setting Accuracy 0.5 °C
Temperature Deviation With Pt100 Probe ± 0.3 °C
Magnetic Stirring Bar Max. length: 80 mm
Max. diameter: 10 mm
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5 – 40 °C within operating area, e.g. fume cupboard
Permissible Humidity 80 % RH
Safety Class Acc. To DIN 40050 IP42
Hotplate Dimensions 130 mm Ø
Weight MCS 67: 3,0 kg



The following accessories are available for the MCS67:

  • Pt100 Temperature Probe – 60278  $147.00
  • Clamp for Thermometer – 8B005624  $57.00
  • Crossover Stirrer Clamp – A60668  $48.00
  • Mounting for Rod Support 1=350mm OD=8mm – A20669  $50.00
  • RS232 Cable – 50276  $47.00
  • CAT Shake and Stir for Windows – No Charge
  • Stirring Bar Extractor: 150mm / 10mm dia. – SBE8B037202  $27.00
  • Stirring Bar Extractor: 200mm / 10mm dia. –  SBE8B037204  $27.00
  • Stirring Bar Extractor: 250mm / 10mm dia. – SBE8B037206  $27.00
  • Magnetic Stirring Bar Set – 12 pc. – SB8B00000  $107.00
  • Recommended Magnetic Stirring Bar – Length: 80mm /Diameter. 10mm – SB8B035035  $17.00