MCS78 Programmable Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

CAT Scientific MCS-78 Programmable Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Volume 10l

Hotplate CERAN

Price: $1,350

Call 513-942-4007 or 888-249-4074 or email your order form to to place your order

Volume 10l
Hotplate CERAN
Price: $1,350
Call 513-942-4007 or 888-249-4074 or email your order form to to place your order

The MCS-78 Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer has a 10-liter capacity with a Ceran hotplate for a true professional laboratory instrument.  It’s position-adjustable control panel presents all the programming functions and options you need to accomplish any hotplate stirring requirements. Select using the relevant buttons to establish your desired operating parameters to see them shown on the LED illuminated graphic display. In addition, the CAT Scientific "Shake and Stir" software along with the Pt100 temperature probe provides efficient operation and monitoring of several units at the same time to boost to your lab's efficiency.

The CAT MCS78 is Everything You Need in a Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

  • A multi-tasking hotplate stirrer with 600 watts heating power and a 4-step timer system allowing for the generation of user-defined temperature and stirring profiles.
  • Set temperatures 20⁰C to 440⁰C in 1⁰C increments; speeds soft-start 60-1600 rpm.
  • For each timer step the following parameters can be set: hotplate and sensor temperature, motor speed and temperature-slope.
  • Algorithms to reach the programmed temperatures as fast as possible but with minimal overshoot.
MCS78 Video
Device Settings & Safety Functions
MCS78 Video
PT100 Probe & Solution Set-Points
MCS78 Video
Hotplate Setpoint Control


Type MCS78 Specifications
Electrical Power Requirements 110/230 Volts; 50/60 Hz (see type label on rear panel)
Display Bright, backlit LCD display, showing all relevant system data
Hotplate MCS78: Ceran Hotplate
Heating Power MCS78: 600 watts
Motor Specification • Shaded-pole motor Power:
• 25 Watt
• Adjustable speed
• Microprocessor controlled speed control
• Adjustable speed range: 60 … 1600min-1
• Setting accuracy: 10min-1
• Speed control stability:+/- 20min-1
• Soft motor start
• Adjustable safety stir function
• Recommended stirring bar: -Length: 60mm (min: 30 … max: 70mm),
-Diameter: 8mm (min: 5 … max: 12mm)
Temperature Control • Microprocessor controlled - fuzzy logic
• Adjustable hotplate temperature
• Programmable hotplate temperature
• Programmable Pt100 probe temperature
• Programmable safety temperature
• Programmable temperature ramp rate 1°C/hour to 440°C/hour
Safety Functions • Programmable hotplate safety temperature (without Pt100)
• Programmable probe safety function (with Pt100)
• Detects and protects against the following hazardous situations:

    o Hotplate failure (hotplate exceeds max. allowed temperature)
    o Pt100 probe failure (disconnection or break of Pt100 probe)
    o Heating stage failure
    o Extreme rise or fall of temperature of the external Pt100 probe, e.g. drop out of the Pt100 probe or breakage of the glass (Differential Alarm)
    o Liquid detection of the Pt100 probe at switch on of the heating function (Out of Liquid)
    o Internal overheating of the device
Timer • Adjustable switch off time
• Adjustable time range: 24:00:00 h:m:s
• Setting accuracy: 1 min
• Multitimer function
Measuring Sensor For Medium Platinum resistance temperature probe
Auxiliary Functions • Two point calibration for external Pt100 probes
• User programmable maximum hotplate temp. (20-440°C) / MCS67
Setting Accuracy 0.5 °C
Temperature Deviation With Pt100 Probe ± 0.3 °C
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5 - 40 °C
Permissible Humidity 80 % RH
Safety Class Acc. To DIN 40050 IP32 (according DIN 40050)
Hotplate Dimensions 180 x 115 x 250 mm (B x H x T)
Weight 3,9 kg



All accessories are included with the MCS78


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