R80D-PC Overhead Stirrer for Dynamic Viscosity Samples

R80D-PC Overhead Stirrer for Dynamic Viscosity Samples

Price: $1,397.00

Vol: 150L | 80 NCM | RPM: 700


Here’s just the overhead stirrer you need when performing operations involving short time dynamic viscosity.  Featuring an electronic feedback speed control together with a digital speed and torque display the R80D-PC comes complete with an RS 232 interface to support PC control and record keeping.

Designed for use with 150 liter capacity beakers, the CAT R80D-PC is powered by a 100-watt motor and stirs from 20 to 700 rpm at a maximum 80 Ncm torque.

Reliable operation is assured thanks to quality construction and automatic protection against overloading and overheating.  This high-quality overhead stirrer has a corrosion-resistant 10.5 mm chuck that accommodates the extensive CAT family of blade, propeller and centrifugal stirrer configurations all quality built for long service.

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R80D-PC Specifications
Motor Permanently generated direct –current motor
Speed Range 20 – 700 1/min
Nominal Rating 120 Watt input Short Term Overload 30%
Torque over entire speed range 80 Ncm
Capacity of Chuck 0.5 – 10.5 mm
Viscosity of Medium Average values (water to wallpaper paste)
Mains Voltage 200 -250 V, 50/60 Hz or 110 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Permissible period of operation Continuous operation may require service intervals
Permissible ambient temperature + 5°C to 40°C
Diameter of support rod 13 mm
Length of support rod 196 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 65 x 192 (incl. 55 mm chuck) x 120 mm (w x h x d)



The following accessories are available for the R80D-PC:

  • Pedestal Stand:  Part #60491   $227.00
  • Crossover Clamp:  Part #60492   $35.00
  • Stirring Shaft Protector: Part #20618-60 $183.00
  • Boss-Heads: Part #60492-00 $25.00




R80 Overhead Stirrer Manual