R100CT Pilot Plant Overhead Stirrer

R100CT Pilot Plant Overhead Stirrer

Price: $3,195.00

Vol: 200L | 600 NCM | RPM: 500


Here’s our top-of-the-line overhead stirrer designed especially for pilot plant applications processing samples to 200 liters.  Its powerful 240-watt motor easily delivers up to 600 Ncm torque energy.  Use it with confidence when stirring medium and high viscous materials (10,000 to 100,000 mPa.s) at speeds from 50 to 500 rpm.  If that’s not fast enough higher speeds to 6,000 rpm are available on request.   And don’t worry about spills – the soft start-up feature keeps samples from splattering out of the beaker or flask.

Operation is simplified thanks to the programmable torque limits and maximum/minimum speeds.  Speed and torque are simultaneously displayed on the digital readout.

Set the program to stir from 1 minute to 99 days.  Lab staff won’t be bothered by operational noise thanks to its quiet operation.   This professional unit can be operated remotely (and data collected) by a PC via an RS 232 interface.

As with all CAT overhead stirrers the R100CT pilot plant stirrer self tests to protect against overload and overheating, and can be paired with a variety of stirrer configurations.

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R100C Specifications
Electrical Power Requirements 110/230V, 300W, 50/60 Hz (see R100CT rear panel)
LCD-Display Bright back-lit LCD display, showing all relevant system data.Simultaneous display of set and real values of motor speed, torque, or power output.
Incremental Encoder Wheel Allows fast and intuitive adjustment of timer and system settings
Timer Function Programmable switch-off timer, programmable from 1 minute to 99 days. Resolution: 1 minute
Torque Output Display Displays true torque at shaft in Ncm (relative or absolute readout possible) Accuracy: 10%
Power Output Display Displays true power output at shaft in watts. (relative or absolute readout possible) Accuracy: 10%
Motor Specification
  • Torque microprocessor controlled for easy operation and accuracy
  • Soft-start and soft-stop logic prevents splashing of liquid
  • Precise adjustable motor speed from 50 to 2000 rpm
  • Max. 220 watts shaft power output
  • Extra long life, high performance, brush motor
  • Silent belt drive power transmission
  • Max. torque: 600 Ncm (20 min)
  • Continuous torque output (at 250 rpm): 400 Ncm
  • maximum limitation of torque (programmable)
Multistep Safety System Detects and protects against the following dangerous situations:

  • Rotor stuck/block detection
  • Motor overtemperature monitoring
  • Self test of all safety functions after switching on
Auxiliary Functions User programmable limits for:
maximum motor speed (40-2000 rpm)
Maximum allowed torque at shaft (10-150 Ncm)
RS232 interface Programmable baudrate: 1200,2400,4800; 8,N,1
Full remote access of all stirrer functions (read and write)
Daisy chain feature by sub addressing allows to connect up to 255 units to only one serial interface on the computer side
Windows® control software optional available
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5 – 40 °C within operating area, e.g. fume cupboard
Permissible humidity 80 % RH
Safety class acc. to DIN EN 60529 IP42
Case Dimensions Length including chuck 250 mm 77.5 x 195 x 195 mm
Weight 5.5 Kg



The following accessories are available for the R100CT:

  • U-Stand:  Part #60494   $497.00
  • Special Clamp:  Part #60495  $87.00
  • Stirring Shaft Protector: Part #20618-60 $183.00
  • Boss-Heads: Part #8B005650 $83.00