R100S-D Overhead Stirrer

R100S-D Overhead Stirrer

Volume: 200L | 100 NCM | RPM: 2000      
Price: $1,337.00
Call 513-942-4007 or 888-249-4074 or email your order form to usasales@rosesci.com

Volume: 200L | 100 NCM | RPM: 2000
Price: $1,337.00
Call 513-942-4007 or 888-249-4074 or email your order form to usasales@rosesci.com

Select the CAT R100SD overhead stirrer for outstanding performance when budgets are tight. It is designed to process up to 200 liters in stepless speed adjustments from 40 to 2,000 rpm using its high performance 180-watt brush motor equipped with overload and overheat protection. The unit features a 4-digit speed display, a simple on-off button and speed control dial. It delivers a maximum torque of 100 Ncm across its speed range and is shipped with CAT’s 10.5mm chuck to pair with a selection of stirrer configurations.

And by the way, although it has an attractive price the microprocessor controlled RS100SD comes equipped with its adjustable mounting stand and stirring paddle chuck key. The control panel is a study in simplicity with its power off-on and speed control dial. The 2-level alpha numeric display shows relevant system data. Summing up, this overhead stirrer is a researcher’s dream to operate and maintain.

Stirring Shaft Application


Electrical power requirements
110/230V, 300W, 50/60 Hz (see R100SD rear panel)
Bright, back-lit LED display, showing set and real values of motor speed.
Motor specification
  • Microprocessor controlled for easy operation and accuracy
  • Soft-start and soft-stop logic prevents splashing of liquid
  • Precise adjustable motor speed from 40 to 2000 rpm
  • Max. 180 watts shaft power output
  • Extra long life, high performance, brush motor
  • Silent belt drive power transmission
  • Max. torque: 100 Ncm (20 min)
  • Continuous torque output (at 1100 rpm): 100 Ncm
Multistep Safety System
Detects and protects against the following dangerous situations:
  • Rotor stuck/block detection
  • Motor overtemperature monitoring
  • Self test of all safety functions after switching on
Permissible Ambient Temperature
5 - 40 °C within operating area, e.g. fume cupboard
Permissible humidity
80 % RH
Safety class acc. to DIN 40050
Case dimensions
77.5 x 190 (370 including rod) x 170 mm Length including chuck 230 mm
5 Kg



The following accessories are available for the R100S-D:

  • U-Stand:  Part #60494   $497.00
  • Special Clamp:  Part #60495  $87.00
  • Stirring Shaft Protector: Part #20618-60 $183.00
  • Boss-Heads: Part #8B005650 $83.00


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