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R60D-PC Overhead Stirrer

R60D-PC Overhead Stirrer

Volume: 35L | 60 NCM | RPM: 800


Price: $1,570.00

Call 805-709-1056 to Order

Volume: 35L | 60 NCM | RPM: 800
Price: $1,570.00
Call 805-709-1056 to Order

The main features of this "power pack" are its very low weight and the small dimensions.

A robust stirrer motor with up to 60 Ncm torque, a speed range of 20-800 1/min, RS232 interface, brushless 60 W motor, quick release chuck and hollow shaft for inserting and fixing tools up to 10 mm.

The device is suitable for light to medium viscosity stirring tasks.

Stirring Shaft Application


R100C Specifications
Electrical power requirements 24 V DC, 60 W
Stirring Colume (H20) 35 Liters
Motor specification
  • Maintenance-free, brushless motor
  • Microprocessor controlled for easy operation and accuracy
  • Soft-start and soft-stop logic prevents splashing of liquid
  • Silent belt drive transmission
Multistep Safety System Detects and protects against the following dangerous situations:

  • Rotor stuck/block detection
  • Motor overtemperature monitoring
Ambient Temperature Range 5 - 40 °C within operating area
Ma. humidity 80 % RH
Safety class acc. to DIN 40050 IP42
Dimensions 68 x 130 x 165 mm
Weight 1,3 Kg



The following accessories are available for the R100S-D:

  • Plate Stand:  Part #60491: Part #60491-00  $227.00
  • Cross over clamp, stainless steel:  Part #60492-50  $71.00
  • Cross over clamp with 2 clamp levers  Part #60492-20 $183.00




R60F-PC Overhead Stirrer Manual (not currently available)



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