X360 High Speed Homogenizer Drive

X360 High Speed Homogenizer Drive

With Stand: $1,447.00
Without Stand: $1,097.00

Vol: 0.1ml – 2l | RPM: 10,000 – 42,500 | Watts: 350

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Our highest-speed homogenizer drive, the 350-watt CAT X360 will handle sample volume sizes from 0.1 ml to 2 liters based on shaft sizes ranging from T6 dispersing shaft (0.2 – 50 ml) to T/G20 dispersing shafts (2 liters).  This makes it an excellent choice if your homogenizing operations call for super-fine disintegration or if you are looking to process larger volume samples on a laboratory scale.

With a design speed of 42,500 rpm the CAT X360 can be connected to the optional P1500 variable speed control allowing researchers to set rotor speed between 10,800 to 42,500 rpm.  Other optional equipment include the highly recommended drive stand and clamp plus wrenches to attach and remove rotors and stators.  Without the drive stand and clamp it is very difficult if not dangerous for researchers to manually hold the homogenizer in position.  Click the price tab for details.

The CAT X360 comes with a material and workmanship guarantee against defects that occur within 24 months of delivery to the original user.

And for information on the CAT X360 accessories click the accessories tab or ask us a question.

The drive, by default, is ordered with the drive stand (which includes the stand, crossover clamp, rotor and stator wrenches). Optionally, the drive can be purchased without the stand (and accessories).

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Type X 360 Specifications
Motor Power intake 350 Watt
Idle speed Fixed 45000 rpm
With P1500 10.800 – 42500 rpm
Voltage 230V/50 Hz or 110V/60 Hz
Case dimensions 290x63x62 mm, LxWxD
Weight 1.3 kg


Type P 1500 Specifications
Power Supply 230 V AC 50/60 Hz, 1500 W
Output 25 – 228 V AC stepless and loss-free
Electronics Phase-angle control
Connection Cable, 120 cm long with grounded plug
Load Earthed socket (Schuko)
Case dimensions 150x80x55 mm, LxWxH
Weight 0.5 kg
Fuse 6.3A, FF 250V, 5x20mm



The following accessories are available for the X360:

  • 60420 – T6 Shaft and Generator Assembly $597.00
  • 60421 – T10 Shaft and Fin Generator Assembly $397.00
  • 60426 – T17 Shaft and Fine Generator Assembly $427.00
  • 60422 – T20 Shaft and Generator Assembly $457.00
  • 60423 – G20 Shaft and Generator Assembly $597.00
  • 60493 – P1500 Variable Speed Control – X360 $207.00