The Dangers of Overhead Stirrer in Cannabinoid Distribution

An Even Distribution of Knowledge – High-Shear Homogenizer vs Overhead Stirrer

Solving Disbursement Issues with High-Shear Homogenizers

There’s a serious malinformation infiltrating the cannabis industry. No, we’re not speaking of legal entities attempting to block access to this healing herb. This harmful growth comes from the very manufacturers and companies who’ve tirelessly worked to alter the landscape of cannabis availability and performance. The root of this plague is one simple word: misinformation.

Throughout the past several years, the application of distillate oils have risen in popularity. Due to its application versatility and ability to provide users high-concentrations of cannabinoids without the smell or potentially harmful effects of smoking, cannabis manufacturers are continuously seeking ways to enhance production and potency. Unfortunately, this frantic rush to meet consumer demands has opened the door for a plethora of potentially disastrous complications.

The most notorious of these issues is terpene distribution within distillate solutions. While achieving even cannabinoid distribution within a liquid solution has always been a daunting task, the greed of several well-known laboratory equipment manufacturers is resulting in entire batches of unsatisfactory product. These companies are irresponsibly stating it’s possible to achieve even terpene disbursement via overhead stirrers.

While an overhead stirrer is useful to mix terpenes with a distillate, it’s impossible to achieve full emulsion and even terpene distribution. The result? Some portions of the distillate features exceptionally-high concentration while other portions are void of terpenes. As leaders in the budding cannabis industry, CAT Scientific holds a responsibility to snuff these erroneous, and potentially dangerous, claims. So how can manufacturers achieve desired terpene distribution? The answer is actually quite simple: High-Shear Homogenizer.

Consistently Consistent | High-Shear Homogenizer to Enhance Product Viability

The concept of even cannabinoid distribution isn’t an unachievable goal. In fact, many laboratories consistently produce uniform cannabinoid disbursement throughout all their products. Unfortunately, the use of overhead stirrers to create these products is far too common. Because overhead stirrers are ideal for mixing solutions with high viscosity levels, many have been mislead to believe its ability to blend thicker liquids makes it suitable for terpene distillate solutions. As many have uncovered, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While an overhead stirrer is an appropriate tool to initiate the blending-mixing of a solution, it’s incapable of emulsifying cannabinoids and terpenes throughout the liquid. However, after the solution is thoroughly mixed with the overhead stirrer, it can be fully emulsified with a high-shear homogenizer.

The problem with many terpene distillates, that is, the issue with cannabinoid distribution via overhead stirrers, is when mixed with a miscible solution are micron size particles and land haphazardly throughout the solution and are incapable of being evenly disbursed,  yet when the solution is passed through a high-shear homogenizer, the compounds are submicron size and evenly disburse.

The emulsification of ingredients is achieved through velocity variation. When a solution is placed within the high-shear homogenizer, fluid at the center of the rotor moves at a slower speed than fluid along the outside of the rotor. The differences in solution velocity creates shear, which effectively and uniformly emulsifies terpenes with the distillate.

Whether you require the ability to manufacture large quantities of a product or small batches, CAT Scientific offers a high-shear homogenizer to meet your current and future goals. Contact Us today and let’s discuss how our equipment can boost the efficiency, value and consistency of your products!


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