X1740 – DK30 Inline Homogenizer

X1740 – DK30 Inline Homogenizer

Price: $4,546.00
Flow Rate: 12 Gallons/minute
Max Viscosity: 1,000 CPS
CE Certified
Components: X1740 Drive Motor, G30 Generator Shaft, DK30 Flow-Through-Chamber, Special Clamp and Stand.


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The X1740 Homogenizer Drive Motor can be made into an in-line device with the DK30 Flow-Through-Chamber.  Achieve uniform cannabinoid (CBD, THC) potency throughout a batch processed, no hotspots. This high shear device is a perfect fit for infusing CBD/THC beverages, tinctures, carrier oils, syrups and low viscosity lotions. Easily Process volumes from 5-650 gallons.

For help in specifying the correct homogenizer drive and accessories you can either ask us a question or fill out our homogenizer questionnaire.

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Type: X1740 230 V/50 Hz
115 V/60 Hz
Power 1800 Watt
Motor Output 1200 Watt
Idle speed 2500 – 23000 rpm
Dimensions 100x100x360 mm, W x D x H
Weight 4.7 kg incl. fastening rods
Conditions of Surroundings
Admissible temp. of surrounding +5C up to + 40C
max. 80% relative humidity
Permissible ON time 100%



The following accessories are available for the X1740:

  • 60414 – T40 Shaft and Generator Assembly $997.00
  • 60415 – G40 Shaft and Generator Assembly $1,147.00
  • 60422 – T20 Shaft and Generator Assembly $457.00
  • 60423 – G20 Shaft and Generator Assembly $597.00
  • 60424 – T30 Shaft and Generator Assembly $587.00
  • 60425 – G30 Shaft and Generator Assembly $587.00
  • 60477 – Rotor Wrench 40N 40F 40V $75.00


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