Unidrive X1000 Homogenizer Drive

Unidrive X1000 Homogenizer Drive

With Stand: $1,693.00

Vol: 0.1ml – 2l | RPM: 4000-33000 | Watts: 1000

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General purpose 1000 watt unit with electronically stabilized speed control, 4,000 to 33,000rpm for volumes of 0.2ml (T6 dispersing shaft) to 2 litres (T/G30 dispersing shafts).

With the rotor-stator principal of CAT Scientific Homogenizers, the stirring medium is subjected to a combination of mechanical shearing and sonic energy.

The standard slots in the rotor grasp the medium and forcibly draw it into the working area between the rotor and stator, thus causing induced high frequency pluses to interact vertically and horizontally. This turbulence intensifies the dispersion and produces optimum mixing of the suspension.

The CAT  Scientific Homogenizer dispersing systems use very powerful electric drive units to be combined with homogenizing tools, offering exchangeable rotors and stators. Hence different tasks can be solved by using CAT Scientific homogenizing systems.

Dispersing tools are available from 6mm to 42mm. All shafts and attachments are manufactured in stainless steel and are easily disassembled for cleaning, as well as being autoclavable to  121°C

The drive, by default, is ordered with the drive stand (which includes the stand, crossover clamp, rotor and stator wrenches). Optionally, the drive can be purchased without the stand (and accessories).

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Type: Unidrive X1000D Specifications
Motor Power intake 1050 Watt
Motor Power Output 650 Watt
Idle speed 4000 – 33000 rpm
Voltage 230V/50 Hz or 110V/60 Hz
Case dimensions 75x75x290 mm, WxDxH
Speed Display
Weight 2.1 kg
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5 – 40 C
Permissible Humidity 80 % RH



The following accessories are available for the X1000:

  • 60420 – T6 Shaft and Generator Assembly $597.00
  • 60421 – T10 Shaft and Fin Generator Assembly $397.00
  • 60426 – T17 Shaft and Fine Generator Assembly $427.00
  • 60422 – T20 Shaft and Generator Assembly $457.00
  • 60423 – G20 Shaft and Generator Assembly $597.00
  • 60424 – T30 Shaft and Generator Assembly $587.00
  • 60425 – G30 Shaft and Generator Assembly $587.00
  • 60409 – AX 60 Analytical Grinding Mill $597.00


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