How to Homogenize Vegetable Glycerin for E-Juice

This short video provides dramatic proof of the effect of temperature on the ability to homogenize vegetable glycerin for E-Juice. In it I demonstrate how glycerin at room temperature simply cannot be homogenized no matter how fast the homogenizer drive unit rotates.

But after heating the glycerin to 60⁰C (140⁰F) it readily homogenizes in the flask.

Keep this in mind when homogenizing other samples. Even a slight increase in temperature may greatly reduce your sample prep time. The lesson can be applied to production scale homogenizing, mixing, emulsifying or similar processing steps when the product includes vegetable glycerin components.

There are a variety of CAT modular homogenizer drives and dispersing tools to help you develop processes that can be scaled to production line operations. You’ll find examples in our homogenizer blog posts. If you don’t find the answer to your processing needs send us your question or complete our Homogenizer Questionnaire.

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Bob Wilcox

Bob Wilcox has represented CAT Scientific’s family of homogenizers, magnetic stirrers, liquid handling and related laboratory equipment since 2002 when Staufen, Germany-based CAT Ingenieurbüro M. Zipperer GMbH established operations in North America. Bob oversees CAT Scientific laboratory apparatus sales and service organization from the company’s headquarters in Paso Robles, CA. He also is in charge of the parent company’s line of JetCat jet turbines, turboprop, and helicopter power plants for hobbyists’ radio controlled fixed wing and helicopter model aircraft. -- Earlier in Bob’s career he was involved in visual and special effects as well as camera and electronics supervisory responsibilities for the motion picture and television industry.

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  1. Cody on October 9, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    Hi Bob,

    Love how educational your website is!

    I need help to ensure consistent mixing of cannabis oil into coconut oil. I’d like to eventually purchase an industrial grade homogenizer, but for now I need a more cost-efficient option.

    What are your thoughts on simply using a magnetic stirrer to heat and mix decarboxylated cannabis oil with coconut oil. I was thinking 60C would be a good temp to go with, where the THC isn’t being burned off, but each ingredient will be the right consistency to mix together.

    Any information helps. Thanks!

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