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The Chemists CornerThe Chemists Corner is a site dedicated to cosmetic chemists and written by cosmetic chemists.  Its mission is primarily helping chemists get employment and being the best chemists they can.  Recently while reading much of what’s on Chemists Corner, I thought we might be able to help out a bit with some of the same tips and tricks that we publish on  So, after chatting with Chemists Corner, we sent over an article on mixing with overhead stirrers.

If you work in this particular part of the industry, or find it interesting and educational to look over these sites, you could check out the article, ‘Cosmetic Mixing with Overhead Stirrers‘ on the Chemists Corner.  I’ve written another article just for the site with some specific tips for the cosmetic chemist.  There are fresh articles on a regular basis and a ton of information for the chemist.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think about the site and the article.


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