Manual Contiburettes

Manual Bottle-Top Burettes

μ10 μ20 Volumes Available (microlitres)
Manual Dispensing
Temp: 15 to 40° C
LCD Display
Price: See Tab Below


Tired of constantly cleaning glass tube burettes?  Tired of giving TLC to fragile glass tube burettes?  Tired of dealing with pesky menisci in your volume calculations?  Find relief with the CAT Scientific manual bottletop Contiburette.

CAT Scientific manual bottle-top burettes meet the strict Class A standards for precise titration, dispensing and metering operations in the research lab.  Although manually operated they can be programmed to meter precise amounts of reagent into the sample flask or beaker.  All you need to do is set dispensing quantities and rates on the intuitive LED display panel.

And unlike fragile and messy glass tube burets the CAT bottletop burette is a dream to clean. Simply flush remaining reagent from the pump mechanism then rinse with DI or distilled water – or alcohol if sterilizing is mandated.

As with all CAT Scientific bottletop burettes the manual model comes with a valveless dosing system, a drying tube connection and can be individually calibrated to your specifications.

  • High accuracy
      Precise titration within the error limits of Class A for glass burettes
  • Compact design
      Low weight and stable
  • Easy Handling
      Continuous operation. No filling necessary

– Freely rotating on the bottle
– New electronics with Titrate mode and Dosing mode
– Individual calibration to user specified adaptations
– Permanently stored data of factory calibration
– Valveless dosing system
– Drying tube connection
– Light weight and compact

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Item Code Description Price
LB62723 µ 10H Manual Digital Burette $928.50
LB62724 µ 20H Manual Digital Burette $928.50

[wptabtitle]Technical Data[/wptabtitle]

μ10 H μ20 H
Subdivision 10 μl 20 μl
Flowrate max. ca. 12 ml/min max ca. 20 ml/min
Actuation Hand Hand
Calibration function yes yes
Temperature range 10° – 40° C 10° – 40° C
Power supply 2 batteries type AA
2 batteries type AA
H x W x D (mm)
175x93x60 175x93x60
Order No 62723-00 62724-00



The following accessories are available for the:

Item Code Description Price
B-A60731 Manual Burette Power Supply- 9V $ 65.95
L-CERT Calibration Certificate (new unit) $ 25.00
EC60702 FEP Ejection Cannula, (calibrated Lip) $ 10.95
ET60701 FEP Ejection Tube, OD 3mm 1m long $ 10.95
L-ST60700 Suction Tube PTFE, 300mm long $ 6.95
L-A60703 A32-25 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $ 8.95
L-A60704 A32-28 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $ 8.95
L-A60705 A32-38 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $ 8.95
L-A60706 A32-40 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $ 8.95
L-A60707 A32-45 Polypropylene Thread Adaptor $ 8.95


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