Mini Overhead Stirrer R20

Use a Mini Overhead Stirrer for Small Batch Processing

R20 Mini Overhead StirrerStirring is a common procedure employed when developing new products for commercial introduction.  Substantial efficiencies can result when researchers use small batch processing to develop mixing criteria that later scale to commercial production.   This can be especially true when costly ingredients are involved.  A mini overhead stirrer can be a valuable research tool providing it possesses the same features found on high-capacity overhead mixers.  Such a laboratory stirrer is the R20 mini-stirrer offered by CAT Scientific.

Purchasing Specs for Small Overhead Stirrers

Purchasing a scaled down overhead stirrer size does not mean getting scaled down performance.  Size in this case refers to sample size, which in the R20 mini-stirrer is at maximum 35 liters H2O equivalent.  (By comparison, CAT Scientific’s largest pilot plant lab overhead mixer has a sample capacity to 200 liters).

Otherwise you should be very pleased with the performance and features of the R20.  Weighing but 1.3 kg (< 3 pounds) and with a 60W maintenance-free brushless motor it develops up to 20 Ncm torque at stepless adjustable mixing speeds from 50 to 2,000 RPM shown on the liquid crystal display.  This enables it to easily mix samples with viscosities to 10,000 mPas.s.  Because viscosities can increase during processing this small overhead mixer will automatically shut down in overheat or overload situations.

Other Points to Look For in a Small Lab Stirrer

Because small overhead mixers such as the R20 are used to develop scalable processes data collection is important.  An RS232 interface provides connectivity to printers and PCs for this purpose.  The interface can also be used to program and control the overhead stirrer.

Versatility is likewise a characteristic of this small laboratory stirrer.  It accommodates stirring shaft diameters from 2 to 8mm that can be quickly changed out with the keyless chuck.  Blade, centrifugal and propeller stirring tool configurations are easily accommodated.

With the exception of stirring tools this robust laboratory stirrer is shipped complete with a mounting kit to hold it firmly in position during operation.


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