R100C Overhead Laboratory Stirrer

R100C Overhead Laboratory Stirrer

Vol: 200L | 150 NCM | RPM: 2000


Price: $1,609.00

Call 513-942-4007 or 888-249-4074 or email your order form to usasales@rosesci.com to place your order

Vol: 200L | 150 NCM | RPM: 2000
Price: $1,609.00
Call 513-942-4007 or 888-249-4074 or email your order form to usasales@rosesci.com

The microprocessor controlled CAT R100C overhead stirrer is the universal stirring motor for rheometeric tests. It has many of the same features as the CAT R100CT pilot plant stirrer but delivers 150 Ncm torque energy and operates from 30 to 2,000 rpm. Yes, higher speeds are available on request. Operational data are digitally presented on the control panel.

A dream to operate, the smartly styled 220-watt R100C stirrer can be PC controlled and features soft start and stop to avoid sample splashing. Adding to its versatility the CAT 10.5 mm chuck accommodates a variety of stirrer configurations.

Rely on the robust, acid-resistant construction to provide years of reliable service life, enhanced in part by a self-test feature that will shut the unit down if overloading or overheating occurs. Select from a variety of paddle configurations for stirring and dissolving applications.

Stirring Shaft Application


Electrical Power Requirements
110/230V, 300W, 50/60 Hz (see R100C rear panel)
Bright back-lit LCD display, showing all relevant system data.Simultaneous display of set and real values of motor speed, torque, or power output.
Incremental Encoder Wheel
Timer Function
Allows fast and intuitive adjustment of timer and system settingsProgrammable switch-off timer, programmable from 1 minute to 99 days. Resolution: 1 minute
Torque Output Display
Displays true torque at shaft in Ncm (relative or absolute readout possible) Accuracy: 5%
Power Output Display
Displays true power output at shaft in watts. (relative or absolute readout possible) Accuracy: 5%
Motor Specification
  • Torque microprocessor controlled for easy operation and accuracy
  • Soft-start and soft-stop logic prevents splashing of liquid
  • Precise adjustable motor speed from 50 to 2000 rpm
  • Max. 220 watts shaft power output
  • Extra long life, high performance, brush motor
  • Silent belt drive power transmission
  • Max. torque: 150 Ncm (20 min)
  • Continuous torque output (at 1100 rpm): 100 Ncm
  • maximum limitation of torque (programmable)
Multistep Safety System
Detects and protects against the following dangerous situations:
  • Rotor stuck/block detection
  • Motor overtemperature monitoring
  • Self test of all safety functions after switching on
Auxiliary Functions
User programmable limits for:maximum motor speed (40-2000 rpm)maximum allowed torque at shaft (10-150 Ncm)



The following accessories are available for the R100C:

  • U-Stand:  Part #60494   $497.00
  • Special Clamp:  Part #60495  $87.00
  • Stirring Shaft Protector: Part #20618-60 $183.00
  • Boss-Heads: Part #8B005650 $83.00


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