Video: How to Change Homogenizer Generators

CAT Scientific homogenizer generators are available in multiple configurations and are selected based largely on the viscosity of the media being dispersed or the objective of the homogenizing action.  To satisfy these requirements we offer a broad range of dispersing tool options in terms of length, diameter and rotor-stator configuration.

Many of our homogenizer posts touch on how the generator rotors and stators can be swapped out for different jobs.   Only two tools are required, a socket wrench to lock the rotor shaft and a universal rotor wrench to remove and replace the rotor itself.  With these tools researchers can change out CAT homogenizer rotor-stator generator assemblies in a matter of minutes.  The stator, which has left hand threads, can be removed by hand using care as edges are sharp.

So Show Me Already!

So, to paraphrase an alleged remark by U.S. Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver of Missouri during an 1899 naval banquet in Philadelphia, if our frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies you we will show you*. Even if you don’t come from Missouri.

I myself, Bob Wilcox, am now a You Tube star. Yes, it is true. After hours of rehearsal and a session with makeup artists we have produce a video that should “show you” just how easy it is to switch out rotor and stator dispersing tools in our line of homogenizers.  It runs less than 5 minutes so if you want popcorn and a beverage with the movie get them first then click on Play and enjoy.

After the show take a look at the variety of homogenizer drive motors and homogenizer accessories such as our flow through chambers for inline or closed loop processing and our AX60 analytical mill for particle size reduction.  Most all of what you need to know can be accessed from our homogenizer landing page

But if you still have questions or need specific recommendations, a good way to get things rolling is to fill out our homogenizer questionnaire.  Or you can simply ask us a question.

Unfortunately for my new fans, my agent tells me I should not give out autographed photos.

* Why Is Missouri Called the “Show-Me” State?

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