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Why you need a cannabis homogenizer and how to choose the right one

Homogenization is a hot topic in the current cannabis industry. This process ensures equal cannabinoid distribution in a product. A high-quality homogenizer is a tool that can turn your post-production operation into a surefire success. Homogenizers enable you to create a wide range of different products that are consistent and reliable in potency of THC and CBD. A top-notch homogenizer like the X1000D available at CAT Scientific is one of the first steps in creating many high quality cannabis products for commercial sale.

So why do I need one? 

More competition and regulation have created a need for uniform processing to create cannabis products that actually match their labels for listed potency. Uniform cannabinoid and terpene disbursement in a solution is crucial. Without homogenization, you risk having a product that can be full of hot-spots or empty areas. Basically, without proper particle distribution, a cannabis infused solution/beverage can have one consumer receive a higher dosage than anticipated and another not receive any TCH/CBD at all… This is a recipe for disaster when trying to build customers or meet strict regulations. It could doom your business quickly. A CAT Scientific homogenizer will quickly blend your cannabis extract and a carrier liquid into a useable product while ensuring equal particle distribution. The liquid cannabis solution can then be measured accurately and included in the production of gummies, beverages, chocolate bars, candy or any other consumable.

But what does a homogenizer do?

These tools are basically very effective mixers. Imagine an industrial grade blender capable of combining materials that don’t always like to blend, fairly small in size but big on functionality. They are made up of a mechanical drive and a rotor assembly. CAT homogenizers are designed to use interchangeable rotor assemblies to meet the needs of different applications. The end of the rotor assembly is what actually causes the mixing and blending to happen. Homogenizers thoroughly and effectively emulsify and mix a cannabis extract and a carrier liquid into a uniform solution.

How do I choose the right homogenizer?

A good homogenizer will thoroughly blend materials without causing damage to the products being mixed. Poor quality homogenizers can lead to excess heat which can ruin terpene profiles and reduce the quality of your product. All CAT Scientific homogenizers are designed with slanted slots on the rotors. These slots increase efficiency 25% which leads to less chance of overheating. This unique and beneficial feature also leads to a faster processing time.

Another element to consider in choosing the right homogenizer is finding one that is customizable to meet the demands of varying situations. Interchangeable rotors and stators are a feature that allows treatment of materials of different coarseness without changing the dispersing shaft. You also want to find a homogenizer with adjustable speeds. CAT Scientific supplies drive units with adjustable speeds of up to 45,000 rpm. You should also consider the ability for shafts and attachments to be easily disassembled to allow for easy cleanup and replacement. All of the CAT Scientific homogenizers are made of stainless steel shafts and attachments that are very easy to clean and maintain. Proper care and cleaning of your homogenizer will prolong the life and production capabilities of your unit.

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