Apps for the CAT Lab Grinding Mill

Putting lab equipment to multiple uses is a good thing because it increases your lab’s capabilities while minimizing equipment investments.  So it is with the CAT Scientific analytical lab grinding mill designed to pair with CAT homogenizer drive motors when tasks call for reducing particle sizes by grinding, chopping, and pulverizing to prepare samples for further processing studies.

The  CAT AX 60 analytical mill is a two-part assembly that quickly and directly couples to either the 1,000-watt CAT X1000 or X1000D (digital read out) lab homogenizer drive motor.  These units operate at controllable speeds from 4,000 to 33,000 RPM.  Sample sizes to approximately 11 cubic inches are routinely handled.

Laboratory Grinder Construction Features

The laboratory grinder assembly is constructed as a 2-part stainless steel chamber that is coupled and clamped for dust-proof operation.  Another important construction feature is that particles are kept from entering the drive motor.  Heat buildup is minimized because both the upper and lower chamber of the lab grinding mill assembly are equipped with cooling ports to circulate chilled water or liquid nitrogen.   Silicon carbide or stainless steel grinding mill blades can be selected based on the hardness properties of materials being processed.

The entire unit is clamped to a drive motor mounting stand.

Down-line Processing after Lab Grinding

AX60 Analytical Mill attached to the X1000 drive

AX-60 Analytical Mill attached to the X1000 drive

A CAT analytical mill is commonly used as a pre-prep process for further experimentation or pilot-plant process development.  For example, the pulverized samples may be part of a variety of mixing and stirring steps that could call into play applications and/or equipment such as

  • Laboratory homogenizing
  • Magnetic stirring, standard or hot plate
  • Buretting  and pipetting
  • Flow through chambers
  • Overhead stirring

Coincidentally all of the above processing equipment is available from CAT Scientific.

If you are looking for sensible advice on how to prepare samples for further analysis or pilot plant development we invite you to contact us or ask a question.  We will make it a point to get back to you as soon as we can with the proper advice or recommendation.


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