CBD Distillate Infusions: Why a Homogenizer is Your Best Friend

A wide range of products can be made with CBD distillate; vape cartridges, MCT oil tinctures, lotions, gummies, beverages, etc. Raw CBD distillates can be surprisingly challenging to work with, as they tend to be highly viscous, especially at ambient temperatures.

Blending distillate into carrier oils for edibles can be tricky. Most manufactures commonly use a hotplate stirrer, however it’s not capable of evenly dispersing the distillate throughout the carrier. Not employing a high shear homogenizer for this task will result in uneven concentrations of distillate in the final CBD edible product.

Mixing Must Be Thorough to Achieve Consistent Blends

When processing CBD distillate infusions the constituents are always preheated in a beaker on a magnetic hotplate stirrer to lower the viscosity for the next phase, which is homogenization — meaning complete, thorough mixing of all relevant compounds throughout the entirety of a batch of product, whether it’s oil or water based. To achieve true homogenization, you must use a laboratory-grade homogenizer. That’s because these devices excel not only at mixing, but at particle size reduction.

Uniform Particle Size Reduction is Key

And particle size reduction is the best way to achieve superb blending of all constituents. The more uniform the disparate particles in a given blend, the more likely they are to mix thoroughly to form a stable emulsion when adding distillate to carrier oils, like MCT oil. CAT Scientific’s rotor-stator homogenizers make mixing distillate infusions a breeze.

Another method CBD manufactures employ is to use an overhead stirrer to mix distillate with carrier oils. This method does not reduce the particle size, which can result in CBD hotspots throughout the batch. This practice nets zero results and is a tremendous time waster.

If you want your product to stand out amongst a crowded market place, a homogenizer is the one tool you cannot succeed without. It’s the difference that makes the difference when processing distillate infusions.

A Satisfying Partnership

Even if you choose not to mix distillate into carrier oils, by infusing winterized and decarboxylated crude into an edible oil, for example, it’s important to use a laboratory homogenizer in order to achieve uniform mixing. It’s the only way to ensure that each and every unit of product you sell contains the same amount of active ingredient. Thus, a homogenizer can be the CBD Manufactures best friend.

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