The Unidrive X1000 Homogenizer Drive

Every small to mid-sized lab needs a good benchtop homogenizer. Whether you are involved in R&D, or producing artisanal small batches of products, such as CBD consumables, the right homogenizer is crucial to your success. The Unidrive X1000 Homogenizer Drive is just right for general use when employed for homogenizing of samples as small as 0.2 mL, up to batches of 2.0 L. That kind of flexibility ensures you can tackle a range of tasks, from investigatory and pilot runs, to full production.

At 1,000 watts, and featuring electronically stabilized speed control, the X1000 is capable of rotating at a “modest” 4,000 rpm, all the way up to breathtakingly fast speeds of 33,000 rpms. Liquid media are subjected to both mechanical shear and sonic energy. The result is superior particle size reduction, exceptional dispersion of disparate ingredients, and efficient blending of constituents. Unlike some large industrial homogenizers, the benchtop X1000 weighs a modest 2.1 kg (less than 5 lb.), and features a space-saving footprint of just a few inches.

Optimal Blending, Enviable Efficiency

The X1000 is carefully designed to maximize interactions between the continuous and dispersed phases, ensuring optimum mixing. This design helps induce high frequency pulses, which interact to create beneficial turbulence, which further facilitates the thorough dispersion of ingredients. Proper homogenization requires uniform distribution of a given dispersant in the continuous phase, and the X1000 excels at achieving this uniform blending.

The X1000’s modular design means you can select various configurations to better achieve your goals based on your specific ingredients and inherent process challenges. The X1000 Homogenizer Drive ships with its drive stand — which includes a custom stand, crossover clamp, and rotor stator wrenches — to facilitate the quick changeover of parts. All parts are stainless steel. This ensures hygienic operation, prevents undesirable interaction between components and active ingredients, and facilitates clean up. It’s easy to disassemble shafts and attachments for cleaning, and due to the stainless steel construction, parts are autoclavable up to 121°C (~250°F).

The beauty of the X1000’s modular design is the ability to purchase the accessories that fit your specific needs. Interchangeable shafts and generator assemblies, purchased separately, allow you the flexibility to achieve a wide range of tasks, while addressing any number of homogenization, emulsification or blending challenges. Like all of our products, the X1000 and its accessories are crafted in Germany to exacting specifications. The Germans have long enjoyed a reputation for precision, and it shows in the design and manufacture of this sleek, efficient benchtop homogenizer system.


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