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Empowering Experiments | The Importance of Magnetic Stirrer Temperature Probes

Whether you’re investigating a new formula or processing ingredients for a best seller, the star device within any laboratory is the magnetic stirrer. CAT Scientific is leading the industry with its technologically advanced devices with real-world scalability. While there are many elements within the actual magnetic stirrer, perhaps one of the most influential accessories designed to enhance the quality, safety and productivity of your processing needs is a temperature probe.

This seemingly simple device is charged with the task of ensuring the operating parameters of your hotplate magnetic stirrer remain stable. But what exactly is a temperature probe? Moreover, why is this optional accessory deemed essential by leading experts?

Officially recognized as the PT100 Temperature Probe, this simplistic device performs an essential function. In the most fundamental definition, a temperature probe confirms and monitors the temperature within the mixing liquid. This optional accessory closely monitors the heating of a solution and confirms temperature ranges remain on track throughout the processing.

The “PT” within its name refers to platinum, which is the precious metal used to create the probe. Platinum features unique properties enabling it to accurately measure and monitor temperatures. In fact, this precious metal offers a more accurate temperature readout than thermocouples. Because of this, CAT Scientific primarily offers and recommends the PT100 model.

Delving Into “Why” | Primary Benefits of a PT100 Temperature Probe

Beyond the obvious reasons – monitoring temperature – there are four primary benefits of using a PT100 Temperature Probe. Let’s take a moment to explore exactly why this simplistic device is changing the operation of laboratories across the country:

  • Operating Parameter Support | CAT Scientific Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers call upon sophisticated technologies to establish and monitor its operational paramters. This technology allows laboratory personnel to set and document the various operational parameters based upon experiment type and processing needs. Unfortunately, regardless of how advanced a device may be, malfunctions can occur. The PT100 Temperature Probe actively monitors the selected operation parameters. Should the stirrer deviate from these parameters, the probe automatically initiates a safe shutdown procedure. Moreover, should the probe be accidentally disconnected from the stirrer, the abort sequence will begin.
  • Protection Against Inconsistencies | Within the realm of cannabis processing, inconsistencies can prove detrimental to the final results. Temperature probes actively fight against inconsistencies by monitoring liquid temperatures based upon hotplate temperatures. Should an inconsistency be noted, the probe activates shutdown procedures to safeguard solution integrity.
  • Safety Enhancement | Whenever you’re dealing with a variety of ingredients, safety is always first. Should the PT100 Temperature Probe detects an unsafe increase in solution temperatures or should the liquid amount drop to unsafe levels (typically due to evaporation or a crack in the beaker) the probe automatically terminates stirrer operation.
  • Experiment Accuracy | Success is based upon accuracy. PT100 probes continually monitors and archives temperatures throughout the mixing process. Precise temperature data is essential when comparing experiments or reviewing which experiment resulted in an optimal outcome.


Simplistic Innovation | Using the PT100 Temperature Probe

Using the PT100 probe is simple and streamlined. Affix the probe to the mounting bracket found at the back of the magnetic stirrer. Position the bottom tip of the probe until it’s at least 2 centimeters into the sample. Remember, the probe should never touch either the bottom or sides of the stirring vessel or come into contact with the rotating magnet. That’s it. Once the probe is attached, the experiment is ready to begin.

For more detailed information, be sure to read A Guide to Using Magnetic Stirrer Temperature Probes. Of course, if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to Ask Us A Question.


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