X1000 Homogenizer with DK30 Flow-Through-Chamber Attachment

Many simple laboratory mixing tasks in are accomplished using laboratory magnetic hotplate stirrers. These simple devices allow users to drop a teflon-coated stir bar into a given liquid, turn on the hotplate stirrer, adjust revolution speed, and achieve thorough mixing. Obviously, the hotplate component of the system allows for gentle, precisely controlled heating of the solution, if required, to further facilitate the dissolution of solids.

Old Tech/Modern Refinements

Modern refinements to this old standby technology include the incorporation of digital controls, which allow users to carefully control all aspects of stirring, including temperature, operation time, and even data archiving, etc. This arrangement works well for simple tasks such as mixing soluble solids in liquids; as when mixing reagents, for example. But, of course some tasks, especially in the realm of pilot and commercial production, call for the inline homogenizer of ingredients in order to meet production targets.

For more complicated mixing tasks, it may be necessary to utilize a rotor-stator benchtop homogenizer. These sophisticated machines can process a wide range of substances, in volumes ranging from the minuscule (0.2 mL) up to 2 L. And that’s just the Unidrive X1000 homogenizer. We also carry units capable of processing 20 L, or more. The CAT X1740, for example, is a laboratory homogenizer capable of handling mixing tasks for volumes ranging from 0.5 L up to 20 L, with drive speeds up to 23,000 RPM.

In-Line Processing

But neither of these precision homogenizer units are truly limited in terms of the volumes they’re capable of processing. Rather, these units are designed for ultimate flexibility. Simply invest in the optional, stainless steel DK30 Continuous Flow Through Chamber, and with a few quick connections, you can transform your high torque overhead stirrer into a high throughput, inline homogenizer. Depending on the stand unit you’re working with, and the interchangeable shaft you have installed, you may be able to process up to 3,000 L of homogenized fluid per hour.

CAT Scientific’s generator shafts are sealed. This allows media to be processed directly in the DK30 chamber. When using the DK30 with either the X1000 or X1000D Homogenizer Drives, it’s necessary to use the G20 generator shaft. Or use the G30 generator shaft and achieve even greater throughput volumes. The DK30 is an accessory suitable for use with the X1740 Homogenizer Drive. This marriage between two units also allows you to extend dwell times, when appropriate, in order to more thoroughly homogenize a given sample.


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