Avoid Temperature Overshoot on Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers

Hotplate magnetic stirrers allow researchers to conduct mixing and stirring experiments at various temperatures to establish optimum processing recommendations for later scale-up.

While today’s hotplate magnetic mixers permit close control over temperatures set by lab technicians a malfunction in the unit’s thermostat could result in a potentially dangerous situation should a hotplate temperature overshoot occur.

CAT Scientific has addressed this concern in its MCS78 programmable hotplate magnetic stirrer video narrated by Steve Gold.

This short video describes how researches establish a set point control – that is, the desired temperature of the hotplate –  after which the MCS78 automatically programs an overshoot limit.  In the example, hotplate temperature was set at 120⁰C.  The unit’s processor instantly set 135⁰C as the shut-down temperature.

Should a malfunction occur allowing the hotplate to reach 135⁰C the MCS78 plate heater turns off but stirring continues until the sample reaches a safe temperature.

Check our video for a demonstration of set point control on CAT Scientific’s MCS78 hotplate magnetic stirrer.  Peruse our blog for additional details on CAT Scientific’s lineup of magnetic stirrers.

Bob Wilcox

Bob Wilcox has represented CAT Scientific’s family of homogenizers, magnetic stirrers, liquid handling and related laboratory equipment since 2002 when Staufen, Germany-based CAT Ingenieurbüro M. Zipperer GMbH established operations in North America. Bob oversees CAT Scientific laboratory apparatus sales and service organization from the company’s headquarters in Paso Robles, CA. He also is in charge of the parent company’s line of JetCat jet turbines, turboprop, and helicopter power plants for hobbyists’ radio controlled fixed wing and helicopter model aircraft. -- Earlier in Bob’s career he was involved in visual and special effects as well as camera and electronics supervisory responsibilities for the motion picture and television industry.

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