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How to Achieve Magnetic Stirrer Temperature Control

Setting and assuring solution temperature set points with minimum overshoot when using a hotplate magnetic stirrer in R&D lab and small pilot plant operations is visually demonstrated by using a Pt-100 temperature probe in this video produced by CAT Scientific.

Using MCS78 programmable hotplate magnetic stirrer as a model CAT Scientific’s Steve Gold takes you through easy to execute procedures that enable you to achieve highly controlled temperatures when mixing samples in beakers placed on the MCS78 stirrer plate.

Because temperature controls for the MCS78 and similar hotplate magnetic stirrers determine only the temperature of the plate, it can be difficult for researchers to accurately gauge solution temperature.  This challenge is overcome when pairing the hotplate stirrer with a CAT Pt-100 temperature probe.

In this CAT video you’ll learn how control sample temperature with the Pt-100 probe.  The video explains

  • setting the desired hot plate temperature
  • setting the RPM of the magnetic stirrer motor
  • setting magnetic stirrer sample volume
  • programming the Pt-100 temperature probe
  • understanding probe temperature actual and set points
  • understanding over-temperature system shut-down

When sample temperature control is critical with a hotplate magnetic stirrer one should not rely solely on the set temperature for the hot plate.  Think of it – that’s why meat thermometers are recommended when doing a roast to be sure it is at the correct temperature.   For more on why it is important when using a hotplate magnetic stirrer read our post on how to use a Pt-100 temperature probe.

Check our blog for more instructional videos.  Coming up – a graphic demonstration on how hotplate magnetic stirrer ramping works to control sample temperature.


Bob Wilcox

Bob Wilcox has represented CAT Scientific’s family of homogenizers, magnetic stirrers, liquid handling and related laboratory equipment since 2002 when Staufen, Germany-based CAT Ingenieurbüro M. Zipperer GMbH established operations in North America. Bob oversees CAT Scientific laboratory apparatus sales and service organization from the company’s headquarters in Paso Robles, CA. He also is in charge of the parent company’s line of JetCat jet turbines, turboprop, and helicopter power plants for hobbyists’ radio controlled fixed wing and helicopter model aircraft. -- Earlier in Bob’s career he was involved in visual and special effects as well as camera and electronics supervisory responsibilities for the motion picture and television industry.

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