Should I Buy a Manual Bottle-top Burette?

Before nails, bolts, and screws, carpenters had to find other ways to get buildings to stand up without collapsing.

Mixing mud or cement takes extra labor, so does carving notches into each and every post and beam.

The hammer-and-nail did wonders in terms of saving time, money, and labor.

There’s a device that performs a similar job in the cannabis industry: digital bottle-top burettes.

If you own or operate a laboratory that is curious about buying your first manual bottle-top burette, here are a few key things to consider.

Manual Bottle-top Burettes are not cheap.

If you’re considering upgrading to a bottle-top burette, it’s probably because you’re tired of breaking glass tubes, despite their economical value.

The recurring costs of pipettes and glass tubes is no better in the long-term for your budget than a one-time investment in a bottle-top burette.

So, the initial sticker shock you might feel when looking a manual bottle-top burette should be soothed by the fact that they aren’t as easy to break as glass equipment.

Aside from lasting a significantly longer time than your fragile glass collection that continuously cause need to clean-up, manual bottle-to burettes are also easier to clean than glass tubes and pipettes.

They are easy to clean.

Not only will the costs come out in a wash, washing manual bottle-top burettes is easy.

Cleaning one only requires removing the device from bottle and readjusting it to a bottle with the cleaning solution inside.

Simply running the cleaning solution through the bottle-top burette is all it takes.

Removing the need for cleaning up broken tubes and pipettes and washing the equipment that does survive a day’s work is just one way that digital manual bottle-top burettes cut back on overall labor costs.

Digital manual bottle-top burettes minimize the potential for human error.

Even for humans who possess 20/20 vision, eyesight is not something we can always rely upon.

That is especially true for processes that require scientific precision.

For example, where a human with perfect eyesight may have difficulty discerning the exact reading of a liquid with a steep meniscus, a digital manual bottle-top burette can identify with precision.

Even better, the device can dispense the liquid more rapidly than the human hand, and there is very little–if any–reagent loss when using a digital manual bottle-top burette.

The minimization of human error in these ways also adds to the long-term value proposition of purchasing your first digital manual bottle-top burette.

Your life will be easier.

Moving up from glass equipment so a product that is more substantial is not just an investment in your business, it’s an investment in your time and your work product.

With more accurate readings that are process through your lab more rapidly, your business will that much more seamless.

A digital manual bottle-top burette–like the 10H or 20H model–is a perfect investment for a lab wanting to step up from the broken glass and time-wasting game of hand-processed samples.


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