Inherent Flexibility: Boost Capacity by Making the X1740 an Inline Homogenizer

The X1740 is our highly capable homogenizer, adept at processing up to 20 liters of fluid per batch. In fact, it is our highest-power homogenizer drive. You can already use it with any number of rotor-stator dispersing shaft assemblies, ranging from the diminutive T20 dispersing shaft to the large G40 shaft.

From Modest Batch Processing to Continuous Inline High-Volume Processing

But did you know that this powerful homogenizer drive can be converted to an inline device when a G30 Generator Shaft is installed, and the homogenizer drive/shaft unit is combined with our DK30 Flow-Through Chamber? Make a few quick connections, and you’ll increase your homogenizing capacity from a maximum of 20 liters up to 650 gallons (approx. 2,460 L). This combination is an excellent solution for demanding tasks, such as creating cannabis infusions.

By combining these precision components, you will be able to draw samples in through an inlet tube, while dispensing outflow to the same, or a different container. Once assembled, this apparatus can run continuously, or as needed.

To date, successfully producing products such as cannabis infusions has proven tricky for many manufacturers. Given the viscosity of ingredients, and the unregulated nature of the industry at present, it’s little wonder that independent analyses have occasionally revealed troubling inconsistencies in many of the products on offer to consumers.

The Perfect Combination for Cannabis-Infused Products with Uniform Distribution

The challenge is to achieve large batch processing of cannabis infusions characterized by adequate particle size reductions and uniform dispersion of cannabinoids throughout the inactive medium. That medium is typically a beverage, an edible carrier oil, syrup, or some other thick liquid (such as waxes, for topical application).

These viscous liquids can be notoriously challenging to blend cannabinoids into without appropriate, laboratory-grade homogenizing equipment. Independent analyses of consumer products has historically revealed an alarming failure to achieve accurate, uniform dispersions of active ingredients.

By investing in the flexible X1740/G30 Generator Shaft/DK30 Flow-Through Chamber combination, you will easily avoid CBD/THC hotspots in your products. Since it uses the sealed G shaft, this high-shear, rotor-stator combination does not allow media to be processed directly through the G shaft tube. In short, this winning combination is the excellent solution for infusing CBD and/or THC into a full range of consumer products, from beverages and tinctures, to syrups and low-viscosity lotions.

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