Cannabis Infusions: Homogenizer vs. Overhead Stirrer

Products featuring cannabis infusions should be manufactured using laboratory-grade high shear homogenizers. While overhead stirrers are adequate for many simple laboratory mixing tasks, they are generally not capable of generating the necessary particle size reductions required to produce high-quality cannabis-infused products that consistently feature stated amounts of active ingredients.

Uniform particle size reduction, and uniform distribution of active ingredients in a given medium — such as oil, syrup, etc. — is only achievable using a handheld homogenizer, benchtop homogenizer, or inline homogenizer.

Homogenization refers to the uniform blending of disparate ingredients. In the case of cannabis-infused products, any number of inactive ingredients may be incorporated into the final product. Ensuring that active ingredients, such as CBD and/or THC, are uniformly dispersed throughout that inactive matrix is crucial, lest individual doses contain incorrect amounts of active ingredients.

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At CAT Scientific, we offer a complete line of exceptionally high-quality rotor-stator homogenizers. These handy machines excel at precisely these sorts of tasks. Featuring variable-speed drive motors, interchangeable homogenizer generator probes, and a range of homogenizer generator shafts, these flexible high shear homogenizers make short work of numerous demanding tasks. Examples include: particle size reduction, uniform blending, thorough ingredient dispersion, deagglomeration, and emulsification of otherwise immiscible ingredients.

Homogenizers’ high-power drive motors power rotor-stators, which spin at exceptionally high revolutions per minute. This accelerates constituents, size reduces non-uniform particles, and forces them under pressure to integrate seamlessly and fully with one another.

Using an overhead stirrer, thinking it’s “good enough,” could easily lead to the creation of products featuring far too much — or too little — of your (claimed) featured active ingredient. For obvious reasons, the stakes are relatively high when it comes to producing cannabis-infused products. These products must reflect truth in labeling, reliably and consistently.


Avoid Failure — Achieve Success

Nevertheless, independent analyses have already revealed an alarming tendency towards inconsistency and inaccuracy when it comes to the labeling of some of these products. These inaccuracies undoubtedly reflect a failure on manufacturers’ part to use appropriate lab homogenizer equipment to achieve reliable, consistent blending of ingredients. You can avoid this potential pitfall by investing in a benchtop or inline homogenizer from CAT Scientific. From handheld homogenizers to benchtop homogenizer models, we have the right equipment for your needs.


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