X1740 High Power Homogenizer Drive

The 1,700-watt X1740 High Power Homogenizer Drive is our highest power homogenizer. Capable of handling liquid volumes ranging from 0.5 L up to 20 L, the X1740 may offer impressive homogenizing power, but it still works with all of our accessory shafts, from the relatively small T20 dispensing shaft, to the high capacity G40. Available separately, these optional tools consist of a shaft complete with generator (rotor/stator combination unit).

From University Laboratory to Small Industry

The X1740 Homogenizer is equally adept for use in small laboratory investigative runs as well as larger-scale pilot runs. As such, the X1740 is flexible enough to serve you well whether you’re working in a small research lab, or in a small-scale industrial development and/or production facility.

To achieve continuous flow operation, simply attach the optional DK40 flow-through chamber. This additional piece of precision stainless steel equipment enables you to draw samples in through an inlet tube, while dispensing outflow to the same, or a different container. This combination, which is also appropriate for closed-loop processing, boosts flow-through capacity as high as 5,000 L per hour.

Power to Spare

That’s a lot of processing power from two modest-footprint devices. The X1740 Homogenizer gives you supreme flexibility, too. It works with all rotor-stator dispersing shaft assemblies (generators). The X1740 ships with drive motor and supporting stand, plus crossover clamp and appropriate wrenches for rotor-stator shafts ranging from 6 – 40 mm in diameter. Alternatively, you may order the X1740 without these accessories. All orders include a two-year warranty, which protects against defects in materials and workmanship.

When using the X1740 Homogenizer to mix solids and/or liquids into liquids, it’s necessary to offset the homogenizer unit in your liquid to avoid creating a vortex. Instead of immersing the unit in the center of a beaker, for example, position the generator slightly to the side. You should also allow at least 10 mm of clearance from the bottom of your mixing container.

The unit should never be run dry, as this may damage bearings and gaskets. Use water with a detergent that contains surfactants to clean the drive unit. Or you may use isopropyl alcohol for more demanding cleaning tasks.

For more information about how the X1740 may be the perfect homogenizer unit for your facility, contact us here, or give us a call: 1-805-709-1056.




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