X120 Handheld Homogenizer Drive

X120 Handheld Homogenizer Drive

Price: With Stand: $922.90

Vol: 0.1ml – 1l    |    RPM: 5,000-33,000    |    Watts: 125

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[wptabcontent]This 125-watt CAT X120 hand-held homogenizer is the perfect choice for labs large or small where initial research involves working with sample sizes between 0.1 ml and 1 liter.  The electronic speed control lets research personnel ramp rotor speed for the 110 Volt: 5,000 to 33,000 rpm and for the 230 Volt version; 10,000 to 33,000 rpmWhile the CAT X 120 homogenizer-mixers are small enough to be hand-held they are shipped with a compatible support stand assembly along with rotor and stator wrenches.  The support stand assembly is recommended to ensure homogenizer drive stability during long mixing cycles.  You have the option of ordering the X120 homogenizer drive without the stand and accessories.  See pricing for details.Use this lab homogenizer with CAT Scientific’s rotor-stator assemblies T6, T10 and T17 dispersing shafts, depending on the volume being processed.  The latter should only be used for short-term homogenizing.Like all CAT Scientific homogenizers the X120 comes with a 24-month materials and workmanship guarantee.Need more details?  Simply send us your questions.

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Type X 120 Specifications
Motor Power 140 Watt
Idle speed 110 V: 5000 – 35000 rpm
Idle speed 230 V: 10000 – 33000 rpm
Voltage 230V/50 Hz
Voltage 110V/60 Hz
Case dimensions Length: 240 mm, Diameter: 65 mm
Weight 0.70 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 °C
Permissible humidity 80 % RH



The following accessories are available for the X120:

  • 60420 – T6 Shaft and Generator Assembly $597.00
  • 60421 – T10 Shaft and Generator Assembly $397.00
  • 60426 – T17 Shaft and Generator Assembly $427.00


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