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Things to Know about Bottletop Burettes

A bottletop burette is a precision dispensing and titrating tool that offers superior accuracy and ease of use compared to volumetric burettes and pipettes.  The latter are typically glass tubes with calibration marks on the side.  Volumetric burettes have a valve at the bottom allowing researchers to dispense a determined amount of liquid; pipettes are…

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How to Avoid Meniscus Measuring Errors

Glass tube lab pipettes and burettes are capable of precisely dispensing reagents into samples but require outstanding patience and an accurate eye to take into account the meniscus of the reagent.  Most menisci are concave or U-shaped with the liquid in contact with the tube wall reading higher than at the center.   This property characterizes…

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Calibrating a Bottletop Burette

When to Calibrate a Bottle Top Burette Let’s start with why we should calibrate a bottle top burette.  Bottletop burets are designed to precisely meter reagents into a vessel until a reaction occurs.  Accuracy is paramount, and in the case of burettes we’re talking in increments of micro liters (µl).  Bottletop burettes are mechanical devices…

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