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How to Use a Magnetic Stirrer Temperature Probe

Temperature control can be crucial in the research lab when establishing procedures aimed at developing new products and processes.  Mixing and stirring are commonly applied during these activities.  Benchtop hotplate magnetic stirrers allow researchers to exercise close control over sample temperature during their experiments.  A magnetic stirrer temperature probe dramatically increases temperature measurement accuracy and…

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Computer Controlled Magnetic Stirring | CAT Scientific

How to Use Computer Controlled Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers A computer controlled hotplate magnetic stirrer is designed to accomplish a variety of processing tasks, generally originating in the R&D facility.  Its application can migrate to use in pilot plants and even to small-scale  production facilities.  A goal of using computer controlled hotplate magnetic stirrers is developing…

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Saving Time With Magnetic Stirrers

Efficiency for a Modern Laboratory Throughout the past several decades, laboratories have progressed into a realm of efficiency, stability and technological advancement. What used to take researchers days, or even weeks, can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time. The leader in this time saving evolution is also one of the least publicized…

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Magnetic Stirrer Operation Guide

Device Programming Tips The fundamental principles of magnetic stirrers may seem simplistic: to thoroughly mix compounds within a sterile environment. At first glance, it appears these essential devices automate a rather standard procedure; however, magnetic stirrers have swiftly evolved into complex and sophisticated pieces of machinery. An excellent example of such evolution is the CAT…

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