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How Microprocessors Improve CAT Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer Performance

Hotplate magnetic stirrers perform mixing cycles that can reach temperatures as high as 450⁰C (840⁰F).  Accidents or malfunctions at these temperatures can result in significant problems – including burns to lab personnel and damage to adjacent equipment.  In this post you will understand how microprocessors contribute to processing accuracy and safety in CAT hotplate magnetic…

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The Thickness of Innovation – Magnetic Stirrers and Liquid Viscosity

At the heart of any experiment or processing procedure is the simple act of mixing. Although one may not believe the act of stirring is a paramount element to experiment success, improper mixing eliminates the possibility of accurate processing. For decades, laboratory personnel were required to spend hours manually stirring solutions. However, thanks to the…

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Saving Time With Magnetic Stirrers

Efficiency for a Modern Laboratory Throughout the past several decades, laboratories have progressed into a realm of efficiency, stability and technological advancement. What used to take researchers days, or even weeks, can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time. The leader in this time saving evolution is also one of the least publicized…

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Safeguarding Innovation | CAT Scientific Magnetic Stirrer Safety Elements

Whether you’re experimenting with a new formula or producing a solution for the 100th time, laboratory and processing safety is of the highest importance. CAT Scientific understands the value of safety for not only equipment operators, but also to retain the integrity of specimens and solutions. The principles of magnetic stirrers make these pieces of…

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