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Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Safety

Few pieces of equipment are more fundamental to the daily operations of a laboratory than magnetic hotplate stirrers. Granted, a digital magnetic hotplate stirrer from CAT Scientific is actually a sophisticated piece of sturdy, well-engineered machinery. But its functions, and uses, are fairly simple and straightforward. These devices have been standard in laboratories for many…

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Can Your Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Interface with a PC?

Can your magnetic hotplate stirrer be interfaced with a PC? This is neither a trick question, nor an idle one. If your laboratory has a digital magnetic hotplate stirrer from CAT Scientific, then the answer is definitely “yes”. But if you haven’t invested in the best equipment for your facility, you may be working with…

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What Are the Advantages of a Digital Programmable Hotplate Stirrer?

What Are the Advantages of a Digital Programmable Hotplate Stirrer? Digital programmable hotplate stirrers from CAT Scientific, models MCS77 and MCS78, offer some fairly straightforward advantages in the laboratory. As programmable devices, these basic — yet sophisticated — pieces of research and development equipment allow you to eliminate any guesswork when heating, mixing, and dissolving…

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Avoid Temperature Overshoot on Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers

 Hotplate magnetic stirrers allow researchers to conduct mixing and stirring experiments at various temperatures to establish optimum processing recommendations for later scale-up. While today’s hotplate magnetic mixers permit close control over temperatures set by lab technicians a malfunction in the unit’s thermostat could result in a potentially dangerous situation should a hotplate temperature overshoot occur.…

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Streamlining Cannabis Post-Processing | Step-by-Step Guide

Ethanol Purge via CAT MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer Regardless of your final product, eliminating ethanol from the solution is paramount. At CAT Scientific, we’ve tirelessly worked to outfit equipment and processes which streamline this essential process. Whether your solution is winterized or if you’re undertaking an ethanol extraction, the following procedure effectively eliminates ethanol from the…

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