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Use a Bottletop Burette for Accurate Liquid Measurement

A CAT post discussing the importance of temperature control in lab experiments noted the distinction between precision and accuracy.  The same distinction applies to measuring liquid.  Precision can be defined as dispensing the same amount of liquid time after time, suggesting that the equipment is precise.  Accurate dispensing means that the correct amount of liquid…

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Bottletop Burette Operating Tips

Bottletop burettes such as the Contiburette® models offered by CAT Scientific are often preferred over glass tube volumetric burettes and pipettes because of their ease of operation and improved accuracy.  Moreover they greatly reduce the incidents of operator error and are much easier to clean. Like all precision lab instruments bottle top burets work best…

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Things to Know about Bottletop Burettes

A bottletop burette is a precision dispensing and titrating tool that offers superior accuracy and ease of use compared to volumetric burettes and pipettes.  The latter are typically glass tubes with calibration marks on the side.  Volumetric burettes have a valve at the bottom allowing researchers to dispense a determined amount of liquid; pipettes are…

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Bottle Top Burettes need TLC Too!

The temptation to become lax in cleaning and maintaining bottletop burettes can lead to real problems.  This is why any company using a bottle-top buret for dispensing, metering, titrating or dosing should have a strict and easily understood standard operating procedure (SOP) as part of confirming to good laboratory practice (GLP) within their organization. Why…

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