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How to Verify Lab Stirring Temperatures

Establishing optimum temperatures to first develop then commercialize new products in the research lab should not be left to chance.  Because stirring is often involved in developing new products researchers depend on an accurate means of determining the optimum processing temperature. This post describes how to accurately verify lab stirring temperatures. A Common Example of…

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How to Maintain Laboratory Overhead Stirrers

Laboratory overhead stirrers are one of two widely used instruments to mix ingredients in product research labs. CAT Scientific lab overhead stirrers, also called overhead mixers, have motor-powered stirring tools immersed in the sample beaker*.  The configuration of the stirring tools – generally termed impellers, paddles and blades – is selected based on the task…

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Overhead Stirrer Operation Options

Multiple experiments or pilot plant trials utilizing overhead stirrers as part of the mixing procedures are greatly simplified when overhead mixers can be individually controlled via a computer program.  This sure beats lab assistants moving up and down aisles to check on the performance of each piece of equipment. A Windows-based PC program with comprehensive…

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A Guide to Lab Stirrers and Lab Mixers

Laboratory mixing equipment – lab mixers, lab stirrers and lab homogenizers (sometimes known as high shear mixers) – are important research tools.   Which to use depends on several factors including but not limited to sample size, sample viscosity, the purpose of the mixing or stirring action and whether or not heating the sample is desired. …

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