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Cannabis Homogenization: Questions & Answers

Cannabis homogenization. These two words, as insignificant as they may seem, hold the future of our industry. The weight of this post-processing technique has the potential to propel the nation into the green light of legalization or fling an entire industry back into the harsh realm of prohibition. If the cannabis industry has an Achilles…

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Cannabinoid Distribution – Achieving Uniformity is Easier Than You Think

What’s the biggest threat to the cannabis industry? Over-zealous law enforcement? Antiquated rhetoric from political leaders? How about widespread misinformation regarding cannabis users and its socioeconomic impact? No, the most notorious threat capable of derailing the entire industry boils down to a single word: homogenization. The topic of cannabis homogenization is one of passion. For…

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Streamlining Cannabis Post-Processing | Step-by-Step Guide

Ethanol Purge via CAT MCS78 Hotplate Stirrer Regardless of your final product, eliminating ethanol from the solution is paramount. At CAT Scientific, we’ve tirelessly worked to outfit equipment and processes which streamline this essential process. Whether your solution is winterized or if you’re undertaking an ethanol extraction, the following procedure effectively eliminates ethanol from the…

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