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Tips for Homogenizing Volatile Samples

What is a volatile sample? Before we provide tips for homogenizing volatile samples it’s good to understand what these are.  Three key terms apply: Volatility denotes rapid evaporation, that is evaporating rapidly in the form of a vapor. Flash point is the temperature at which particular organic compounds give off sufficient vapor to ignite in…

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Bottletop Burette Operating Tips

Bottletop burettes such as the Contiburette® models offered by CAT Scientific are often preferred over glass tube volumetric burettes and pipettes because of their ease of operation and improved accuracy.  Moreover they greatly reduce the incidents of operator error and are much easier to clean. Like all precision lab instruments bottle top burets work best…

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How to Sterilize a Lab Homogenizer

Sterilizing is one of several ways scientists can inactivate potentially infectious agents from laboratory equipment such as homogenizers and flow through chambers by the application pressure and steam.  The process can be accomplished in a sealed container called an autoclave using, for example, temperatures to 121⁰C and pressures to 15 psi for 60 minutes.  Certain…

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