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How to Shop for an Overhead Lab Stirrer

Researchers involved in R&D lab work and pilot plant production activities along with their purchasing departments may find it necessary to evaluate the need for and importance of options available when selecting overhead stirrers.  This post is designed to help you shop for an overhead lab stirrer. Among the points covered are stirring speed stirring…

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How Lab Homogenizers Contribute to R&D

Some of us may remember grandma with the spoon and bowl or mom with the Mixmaster but for R&D scientists this mixing action is accomplished by using lab homogenizers.  These compact but immeasurably useful benchtop instruments are used to develop scalable processes for processing ingredients – some of which may be initially incompatible – into…

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How Laboratory Homogenizers Support Medical Research

A visit to laboratories devoted to the development of new pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical processing procedures gives an appreciation for the vast array of R&D equipment employed in new drug development. Among new drug development devices employed are sure to be found laboratory homogenizers  Lab homogenizers are the versatile benchtop tools that perform a wide variety…

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Selecting an Overhead Stirrer

How to Specify an Overhead Stirrer If your laboratory or research organization is planning the purchase of an overhead stirrer there are a number of specification issues that should be addressed in writing up a purchase order.  First of all, you’ve reached the conclusion that an overhead laboratory stirrer is required due to sample volumes…

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A Quick Guide to Lab Homogenizers

Laboratory homogenizers are among the most versatile tools in research.  Lab homogenizers are virtually indispensible because they help scientists efficiently evaluate various approaches to mixing, dispersing, cell disrupting, emulsifying, particle reduction and similar exercises.  The objective is developing efficient homogenizing procedures that can be scaled to commercial production levels. Selecting a Homogenizer Mixer Homogenizer mixers…

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Bottle-Top Burette Purchasing Decisions

What to Look for in a Bottle-Top Burette Burettes and their close cousin pipettes are used for precision metering and dispensing reagents into a solution, usually as part of performing a chemical analysis.  Burets are glass tubes with capacity markings in milliliters.  They have a valve at the bottom that is used by researchers to…

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A Guide to Homogenizer Components

When selecting a laboratory-grade homogenizer research and process development scientists generally focus on the objective of the emulsifying exercise and the physical characteristics of the material being studied.  This information will guide the selection of the rotor and stator configuration. To get the terminology straight in this post we call the rotor (attached to the…

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Selecting Rotor-Stator Configurations

Lab Homogenizer Rotor-Stator Configurations Laboratory homogenizers such as offered by CAT Scientific are called on to perform multiple mixing, dispersing, and similar tasks to support R&D activity as well as to establish processing guideline that can be scaled up to commercial production.  Modular lab homogenizers allow researchers to pair multiple rotor-stator configurations to suit the…

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