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Video – The Assembly and Disassembly of the DK 30

In these videos, our expert demonstrates the steps involved in properly assembling — and then disassembling — the DK30 Flow-Through-Chamber with the new G30 shaft. Watch for helpful tips, such as applying a thin layer of food-grade silicone grease to the unit’s two O-rings, so they seat snugly.     View the proper sequence of…

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X1000 Homogenizer with DK30 Flow-Through-Chamber Attachment

Many simple laboratory mixing tasks in are accomplished using laboratory magnetic hotplate stirrers. These simple devices allow users to drop a teflon-coated stir bar into a given liquid, turn on the hotplate stirrer, adjust revolution speed, and achieve thorough mixing. Obviously, the hotplate component of the system allows for gentle, precisely controlled heating of the…

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