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How to Choose the Right Magnetic Stirrer for Cannabis Concentrates

Imagine one of your bathroom pipes won’t unclog and it’s backing up water. It smells, looks horrible, and you don’t want to deal with it. You call a plumber, to solve your retched problem. When they arrive, their only tool is a screwdriver. Do you trust that plumber? Every job requires a specific set of…

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How to Shop for an Overhead Lab Stirrer

Researchers involved in R&D lab work and pilot plant production activities along with their purchasing departments may find it necessary to evaluate the need for and importance of options available when selecting overhead stirrers.  This post is designed to help you shop for an overhead lab stirrer. Among the points covered are stirring speed stirring…

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How Programming Software Enhances Hotplate Magnet Stirrer Functionality

“Set and forget” features are welcomed by busy researchers operating a variety of equipment in the lab, among which are magnetic hotplate stirrers that may require frequent monitoring.  Here we will describe how programming software, exemplified by CAT “Shake and Stir,” helps enhance hotplate stirrer functionality. We’ll cover Where CAT’s Shake and Stir software is…

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How to Safely Operate Hotplate Magnetic Stirrers

A common laboratory instrument  for mixing samples at high temperatures is the hotplate magnetic stirrer.  These benchtop units can handle samples up to 10 liters (2.5 gallons) allowing researchers to develop processing techniques at high temperatures.  Depending on models, hotplate magnetic stirrers can be set up to 450⁰C or 842⁰F. Quite obviously these high temperatures…

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Temperature Verification in Lab Stirring

Temperature specifications are critical when laboratory researchers are developing new processes to produce most anything where temperature plays a role in achieving the desired results. While this may seem a no-brainer the point we wish to make is that first, establishing then second, verifying temperature on an ongoing basis can present challenges.

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Temperature Probe | An Accessory for Efficiency

Empowering Experiments | The Importance of Magnetic Stirrer Temperature Probes Whether you’re investigating a new formula or processing ingredients for a best seller, the star device within any laboratory is the magnetic stirrer. CAT Scientific is leading the industry with its technologically advanced devices with real-world scalability. While there are many elements within the actual…

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Magnetic Stirrer Operation Guide

Device Programming Tips The fundamental principles of magnetic stirrers may seem simplistic: to thoroughly mix compounds within a sterile environment. At first glance, it appears these essential devices automate a rather standard procedure; however, magnetic stirrers have swiftly evolved into complex and sophisticated pieces of machinery. An excellent example of such evolution is the CAT…

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Broadening Your Knowledge | Essential Magnetic Stirrer Terms

Since the advent of magnetic stirrers in 1944 by Arthur Rosinger, these powerful pieces of equipment have become a maintain in laboratories around the world. Granted U.S. Patent 2,350,534*, magnetic stirrers streamline the operation of mixing low viscosity liquids to enhance the efficiency of small-scale experiments. Although the technology utilized by CAT Scientific in our…

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Magnetic Stirrers – The Unsung Hero of Your Laboratory

Since its original design in 1917, magnetic stirrers have altered the efficiency and productivity of laboratories throughout the world. These compact benchtop units streamline production while simultaneously delivering a more sterile, accurate and efficient outcome to both simple and complex solutions.

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How to Shop for an Overhead Stirrer

R100C Overhead Laboratory Stirrer

Stirring is a common activity in research labs as scientists work to refine processing procedures.  Two of the most common techniques are magnetic stirring with or without a hotplate, and overhead stirrers. Benchtop overhead stirrers are not equipped with hotplates. But unlike magnetic stirrers they are able to process larger volume samples and samples with…

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