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Apps for the CAT Lab Grinding Mill

Putting lab equipment to multiple uses is a good thing because it increases your lab’s capabilities while minimizing equipment investments.  So it is with the CAT Scientific analytical lab grinding mill designed to pair with CAT homogenizer drive motors when tasks call for reducing particle sizes by grinding, chopping, and pulverizing to prepare samples for…

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Turning a Lab Homogenizer into a Flow-Through Chamber

Laboratory homogenizers represent a significant investment for research organizations engaged in developing new processing procedures across a broad range of industries.   Integrating or adding a flow through chamber to the homogenizer mixer greatly increases its functionality by enabling inline processing or extending the exposure of samples to the homogenization action. Here’s What Flow-Through Chambers Do…

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Accessorize your Scientific Homogenizer with an Analytical Mill

Particle size reduction on a laboratory scale is often required to formulate samples for further analysis.  While several techniques – such as using a mortar and pestle – can accomplish this, a faster, easier and cleaner technique is coupling an analytical mill grinding chamber to a scientific homogenizer.  Admittedly the sample size is smaller than…

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How to Use an Analytical Mill

Tips on Using CAT Analytical Mills As flow-through chambers increase the versatility of CAT Homogenizers, so too does the compact rugged AX 60 Analytical Mill.  With this attachment on the CAT X1000 or X1000D drive motor you can quickly reduce hard substances – i.e. up to 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness – to…

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