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What Is Emulsification and What Are Its Benefits?

Emulsification is the process of creating an emulsion. And what, exactly, is an emulsion? It’s a substance in which two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, are bound together in the presence of an emulsifying agent. The result is a single, slightly creamy looking liquid. Homemade vinaigrette salad dressing provides the perfect example. Savvy home…

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Small Sample Emulsifying with a Lab Homogenizer

How to Emulsify Small Samples With a Lab Homogenizer The old saying “oil and water don’t mix” does not hold true all the time.  While it is true that oil and vinegar in the salad dressing cruet will separate on standing, homogenized milk holds the cream in suspension on the supermarket shelf and in your…

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Emulsifying Vegetable Glycerin and BHO for E-juice

For those of you who’ve tried to mix vegetable glycerin and BHO for an e-juice or tincture know they don’t easily blend and separate quite rapidly. Whether you’re a large possessor or small, we at CAT Scientific have a method where the process can be completed in about two hours or less without using a…

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Video: Lab Homogenizer Emulsifies the Immiscible

You say you can’t emulsify the immiscible?  Tsk.  With the right equipment such as the CAT X120 hand held lab homogenizer oil, vinegar and water are quickly combined into (you guessed it) a salad dressing. I ought to know because I did it all by myself as shown in this 105-second video. Emulsifying is but…

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