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Mixing Distillate and Terpenes: How to Achieve a Uniform Blend

Properly mixing distillate and terpenes safeguards consumers and businesses, but how do we achieve uniformity? We’ll get into that in a minute. First, we must understand the concept of what particle reduction is. Particle reduction is where two substances; distillate and terpenes have inconsistently sized particles and when a rotor-stator homogenizer is used it reduces the particle…

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Be Prepared: Use the Right Tools to Infuse Cannabis Extracts into Products

Preparing CBD extracted from hemp, and other cannabis-related products, typically involves infusing an extract featuring active compounds into a carrier liquid. In the case of popular CBD tinctures, the carrier is often an edible oil, such as olive oil. Like any food-grade oil, olive oil is considerably more viscous than water. Unlike some edible oils,…

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The Future of Cannabis Relies on Cannabinoid Distribution

As we stand at the precipice of widespread cannabis legalization, the blurred figure of a new industry is slowly taking shape. Throughout the past several years, cannabis has moved away from the bloodshot eyes of stereotypical stoners and into the lives of people from all walks of life. The normalization of cannabis may be attributed…

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Cannabis Homogenization – 5 Reasons Why It’s Invaluable for Your Brand

To say marketing and branding is a challenge for cannabis businesses is a massive understatement. With political and social detractors committed to derailing industry progress, marketing tactics must adhere to shifting, and sometimes outlandish, requirements. However, as we dive deeper into this budding industry, the venomous bite from Capitol Hill isn’t the biggest threat to…

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Safeguarding Your Brand via Cannabis Homogenization

Branding. Reputation Management. Customer Loyalty. As a small business, these simple words mean the difference between success or failure. However, for cannabis businesses, these three terms carry a specific weight. Unlike traditional retailers who work within the confines of an established industry, cannabis-based companies are swimming in uncharted waters. While the fundamental elements of business…

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