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Small Sample Emulsifying with a Lab Homogenizer

How to Emulsify Small Samples With a Lab Homogenizer The old saying “oil and water don’t mix” does not hold true all the time.  While it is true that oil and vinegar in the salad dressing cruet will separate on standing, homogenized milk holds the cream in suspension on the supermarket shelf and in your…

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How Laboratory Homogenizers Support Medical Research

A visit to laboratories devoted to the development of new pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical processing procedures gives an appreciation for the vast array of R&D equipment employed in new drug development. Among new drug development devices employed are sure to be found laboratory homogenizers  Lab homogenizers are the versatile benchtop tools that perform a wide variety…

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Selecting a Digital Display Lab Homogenizer

If operating speed in a laboratory homogenizer is important during process development an obvious purchasing check list includes equipment offering a digital readout of drive motor speed.  It provides at a glance the answer to the question “how fast is the generator assembly running?” The next point to consider is speed options available to the…

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How to Sterilize a Lab Homogenizer

Sterilizing is one of several ways scientists can inactivate potentially infectious agents from laboratory equipment such as homogenizers and flow through chambers by the application pressure and steam.  The process can be accomplished in a sealed container called an autoclave using, for example, temperatures to 121⁰C and pressures to 15 psi for 60 minutes.  Certain…

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