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Cannabis Infusions: Homogenizer vs. Overhead Stirrer

Products featuring cannabis infusions should be manufactured using laboratory-grade high shear homogenizers. While overhead stirrers are adequate for many simple laboratory mixing tasks, they are generally not capable of generating the necessary particle size reductions required to produce high-quality cannabis-infused products that consistently feature stated amounts of active ingredients. Uniform particle size reduction, and uniform…

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The Unidrive X1000 Homogenizer Drive

Every small to mid-sized lab needs a good benchtop homogenizer. Whether you are involved in R&D, or producing artisanal small batches of products, such as CBD consumables, the right homogenizer is crucial to your success. The Unidrive X1000 Homogenizer Drive is just right for general use when employed for homogenizing of samples as small as 0.2…

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How to Choose a General Purpose Lab Homogenizer

Choosing a general purpose lab homogenizer starts with a clear understanding of what materials you work with and what you intend to accomplish.  For example, laboratory homogenizers find wide application in pharmaceutical manufacturing –  specifically R&D and pilot plant applications developing processes for food and food ingredient manufacturing formulating cosmetics and perfumes researching new chemicals…

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